You might be a Parkers regular if…

27 May

Man, do we ever love our Parkers regulars. You guys know who you are; you’re the ones who wouldn’t dare throw that silk blouse into the washing machine at home and who like to keep your collared dress shirts looking their best. You’re the ones who look forward to getting dressed for work in the morning because you believe in dressing to impress. You’ll never be caught running out the door to an important meeting with a mustard stain on your favourite shirt from lunch a week ago.

Oh no, you are the ones who bring us your stained, wrinkled, and important clothing and trust us to take care of them for you. And we thank you for that! Thank you for trusting us to keep you looking your best, whether it’s for work, for a night out, or just for fun.

It’s because of you that we strive to be the best clothing care experts in the Greater Toronto Area. There are a lot of dry cleaners out there, but we pride ourselves on our customer service and on treating your clothes with the absolute best, expert care available – all of which is totally customized to your preferences.

For instance, we wash your shirts with special detergent at cool temperatures to minimize shrinkage so you don’t have to worry about things fitting funny once you take them home. We also inspect each and every shirt for missing or broken buttons, and make sure the trouble spots (collars, armholes, cuffs and placket) are properly pressed. If your shirt has French cuffs, we keep plastic studs in there to maintain shape. And, depending on how you like to store your shirts, we offer both special hangers that help preserve shape and environmentally friendly, reusable folded shirt bags.

We even wash the garment bags after each visit.

Oh, but don’t get us wrong!  Our regular customers aren’t the only ones who get the red carpet rolled out for them. That carpet is out and there to stay, whether we see you every week or it’s your first time through our doors. We’re just happy to help keep your clothes in their very best condition.

Before we sign off for this week, did you know that if you register online with us, you receive a $10 coupon to use towards your next dry cleaning service – free! Plus, you are put on our monthly newsletter list, which keeps you in the loop with expert clothing care tips, as well as more coupons A pretty good deal, if you ask us.

An Urban May Day

25 May

Although May Day is actually celebrated on May 1st, we’re still feeling its inspiration a few weeks later. May has just always been one of our favourite months, with blooms appearing on trees, flowers popping up to decorate the sidewalks and summer fashion right around the corner. Traditionally a European springtime festival, May Day isn’t an instituted Canadian holiday, but hey, we aren’t ones to pass up an excuse for celebration!

This month we’ve gathered our favourite looks that best combine one part pastoral and one part city chic, leaving us with the perfect springtime feeling. Think long printed dresses, flowing tops, light and bright colours, and lots of mixing-and-matching going on.

Take a look through and let us know what style you’re excited about this spring: @ParkersCleaners.

Spell Designs

Urban Outfitters


Yumiko Higuchi

Blog Lovin’



ZsaZsa Bellagio

Fashion Magazine

Blog Arnhem




Like what you see? Or, do you have something else in mind you just know we would love? Let us know what you’re thinking. Tweet us @ParkersCleaners or leave a comment below. We’re clothing care experts who truly love good style – and love to hear from our customers.

Inspired by: Spring Suedes

12 May

From skirts and shoes, to handbags and hats, suede is quickly becoming one of the hottest trends in fashion for the season. Popping up on runways and in fashion weeks around the world, the soft leather (or leather substitute, if you prefer) is leaving us feeling majorly inspired these days.

No matter your personal style, suede works! In a structured bag, it can look totally modern and clean, yet with a bit of fringe, the look is suddenly boho-chic. And like we mentioned already, if you like to keep away from animal-based products, there is no need to miss out on the trend, thanks to so many great vegan substitutes!

Now, normally we give our “responsible dry cleaner advice” at the end of the post (and we will do that too), but with suede, we really can’t risk you getting excited by the inspiration and skipping the important information. Suede must, must, must be cared for properly. Thankfully, this blog is run by clothing care specialists in Toronto! We are experts in suede care and would love to keep your suede looking its best.

On that note, we can get back to the inspiration. Here are some of our favourite spring suede options.


A Note on Style


French Vogue


French Vogue




Pop Sugar


Handmade leather and suede clutches by: Blackbird and the Owl. Photo by: Lushlee

French Vogue

Free People (Vegan Option)


As you can see, there is a suede look for everyone! We know some people may be inclined to steer clear of the material, thinking about the extra TLC it requires or perhaps thinking about how Toronto doesn’t have a particularly dry climate. But, surprise, surprise…we think it’s totally worth it!

We know we mentioned it before, but we are professional clothing care experts, who specialize in caring for suede and leather. Not only will we remove stains, we will also replenish the natural oils your leather may lose over time, giving your leather new life again!

70s Comeback Part Two: A Boho Roadtrip

8 May

100 Layer Cake

(We just couldn’t fit all of the wonderful boho inspiration we found in last week’s blog post, so here’s Part 2!)

It’s the wee hours of the morning and your wonderfully laidback, perfectly boho wedding is just wrapping up, but you don’t want things to end quite yet. So, where to next? Well, if you’re asking for suggestions, here is ours: grab your beloved and hit the road!

What better way to continue celebrating this great love you share than to take on the open road and take in some of the most breathtaking, romantic views your free spirit can think of?

Maybe a road trip has never really struck you as “honeymoon” before, but think about it! What could be more intimate than spending quality one-on-one time with the one you adore as you explore somewhere new? Plus, all that driving time sure gives space for great conversation, good music and not to mention, incredible photo ops.

100 Layer Cake


One of the best parts about a road trip – besides it being a great excuse for hair wraps and comfy dresses – is that it is entirely customizable. You get to make it what you want it to be. You can head wherever you feel the wind is taking you and you can spend as much or as little as you want.

If it were up to us, we would be headed down to South California, taking in sights like Big Sur and Joshua Tree National Park – and hopefully dressed something like this!


Bohemian Diesel


Weekend Babes

Bohemian Diesel; photo from Vogue Italia


Free People Blog



Free People Blog

Free People

Wild and Free Jewelry

Bohemian Diesel

If you find yourself coming home after a road trip away, you may have more than a tan and a few souvenirs with you. Dust and dirt can find its way into even the best kept suitcases, so if you find yourself home from vacation with more traces of it than you wished for, remember that we are clothing care specialists. We will get rid of the road dirt, while keeping your memory-filled clothing safe.

70s Comeback (Again): The Boho Flower Girl

8 May

It may come as little or no surprise to you that we are rather avid pinners. By that, we mean that we can easily get lost in the wonderful world of Pinterest, following rabbit trails leading us towards delicious recipes, beautiful home inspiration, and – our favourite – fantastic fashion. As of late, something has become increasingly apparent to us as we peruse and pin: the 70s are back – again.

From macramé wall hangings, to suede jackets, to carefree clothes that make us want to take a road trip into the Joshua Tree National Park, the bohemian vibe of the 1970s is making another round – and weddings are by no means an exception this year.

Personally, we love the laidback boho feel for a wedding day! Lots of lace, flowers, and floor length veils combined with a relaxed atmosphere can make for one seriously beautiful day (and some seriously beautiful photos, to boot – if you need convincing, just search “Boho Wedding” on Pinterest and you’ll see what we mean!)

Plus, is there anything cuter than a tiny bohemian flower girl? We didn’t think so.


Little ladies with flowers in the their hair and the most darling summer dresses? So, we’ve Pinterested away and found the best of the best boho flower girl inspiration to leave with you!



The Lane





Ruffled Blog


100 Layer Cake


You may notice that there’s a bit of a theme with the photos we have found and posted: most of the dresses are white! Now, this isn’t usually the first colour choice that comes to mind when dressing little ones, especially for a big day, but hopefully our expertise in clothing care can help put your mind at ease. Don’t let a fear of dirt plan your wedding for you. If stains happen, it’s easier than ever to get rid of them!

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