Say “So Long!” to Grass Stains

23 Jul

They are inevitable. They happen when you least expect them. Your mother spent far too much time warning you about them when you were a child (and it doesn’t even matter that you were so careful about where you were sitting during that picnic). Grass stains are simply an understood part of summer that we, as clothing care professionals, can’t ignore on this blog any longer. It’s time to say “Goodbye” once and for all to grass stains.

We’ve all been there before. You’re out for the day, whether at a picnic or a concert in the park, and as you look for a place to sit, you realize that you’ve somehow forgotten the blanket and you just know that a grass stain is bound to happen.

Why are grass stains so bad?

The biggest problem is that a grass stain is basically a dye stain. Unless you were looking for a natural green dye, this probably isn’t the news you were hoping for – as you glance over at your kids’ post-picnic knees. The stain is a mix of protein, organic matter and the grasses’ juices, which contain chlorophyll and other pigmented compounds (xanthophylls and carotenoids). The chlorophyll, xanthophylls and carotenoids pigments are so similar to natural fibers like cotton, that when the stain connects with the fabric, it actually bonds – not to mention that most grass stains also include a little dash of dirt, making it a dreaded combination stain. It makes sense that grass stains are so hard to remove, right?

There are some at-home techniques you can try to soften or remove grass stains once they occur, but always be careful and test on a hidden area first.

Two ways to help remove grass stains:

  1. Water & Alcohol: Using a sponge or cloth, rub the stain with rubbing alcohol and then let the garment air dry. After it has dried completely, rinse under cold water and apply a liquid laundry detergent. Work the detergent into the grass stain and then rinse again with cold water. Let the garment air dry again and wash in your next regular load of laundry according to the garment’s care instructions.

  2. Water & Vinegar: Using warm water and plain white vinegar, rub the mixture directly into the grass stain and then wash the garment in a normal load according the garment’s care instructions.

It is also important to note that there are certain products and solutions to stay as far away from as possible when treating grass stains! Keep away from ammonia, alkaline detergents, and degreasers. These will all make the stain worse, by setting it into the fabric permanently.

It seems silly to mention this, but we have to: if your garment states that it is dry clean only on the tag, please leave the grass stain removal to the professionals. With delicate fabrics or dry clean only fabrics, don’t try to treat the stains yourself. Bring your clothing to us or set up a pick-up with our delivery service and we will make sure that those pesky grass stains are treated properly. That way, a simple grass stain doesn’t have to ruin your day, or your favourite pair of jeans, ever again.

Cover Up and Stand Out!

10 Jul

When it comes to sun safety, I’m sure you’ve heard someone say a version of: “Be careful! It’s not the same sun we had when we were kids.” I mean, technically it is, but in a less-than-technical way, they’re right, you know. UV rays are getting stronger. I only last about half the time outside I used to 10 years ago before burning. Anyone else in that banana boat with me? (I couldn’t resist a little sunscreen humour) However, I’m not so sure I’m ready to pack in my beach towel quite yet, especially considering what we have to endure to get to this sunny side of the street!

Now, here comes the hard part: how do we stay sun-smart while still enjoying the few months of sunny bliss we’re blessed with in the GTA?

Sunscreen for starts – but you already knew that! Our second suggestion is even easier, in fact. Throwing on a cover-up before hitting the beach will help keep you looking fantastic while keeping your skin safe. Of course a cover-up is not a fool proof plan – nothing is going to keep you 100% out of the sun – but we think that a cover-up is a great way to add a bit of flair to your beachwear while keeping that burn at bay.

Here are our favourites right now:



Style Caster



Divine Caroline


South Beach Swimsuits


Free People


Could I Have That?




What are your favourite ways to cover up and keep cool during the summer? We prefer natural blends when it comes to our summer wear, steering pretty clear of synthetic fabrics like polyester. As much as we love the breezy, soft nature of cotton and linen while relaxing at the beach, we don’t love how quickly organic materials can discolour with our sweat. If you find your whites looking a little dingy over the next few months, get in touch with us. As clothing care specialists, we have the expertise needed to keep your garments their cleanest.  

Don’t call it a comeback; they’ve been here for years

30 Jun

Eat Dessert First

Strapless dresses have been a perennial favourite of brides all over for decades now. Coming in every shape and style, from dressed down and ready-to-elope, to ballgowns fit for a princess, strapless dresses have been, and will remain, a mainstay in bridal fashion. This year, however, the sleeve has been giving the strapless a definite run for its money – and we’re way, way too excited about what we’ve seen!

 Let’s clarify first that we still have a soft spot for strapless; we think a décolletage is beautiful, bare shoulders are glamorous, and the chance for a statement necklace is great. A certain bride we know may have even walked into the bridal shop, head held high and a determined look on her face, sure she would walk out with sleeves…only to walk out with a strapless gown! A sweetheart neckline with soft curls on her shoulders was just too lovely a thought to resist.

For a while, some considered sleeves on a wedding gown “dated” (think: puffy 80s sleeves) and “unsexy” (think: black and white photos of high collars, long sleeves, and hair in tight buns). We are here to set the record straight: these are lies, all lies!

Ok, except maybe the puffy sleeve part.

Cap, tee-length, long, off-the-shoulder, and especially lace sleeves…they’re not making a comeback, they’ve been here for years. But, now that the puffy ones have disappeared, maybe we’re just starting to see how wonderful sleeves really can be.

We have, as we always do, rounded up some best-of-the-best photos for you, just to further prove that sleeves are here to stay.


The Wedding Scoop


Belle Magazine


Style Me Pretty

Style Me Pretty


Ruffled Blog 1 | 2


Muna Luchi Bride

Bridal Musings


Bridal Musings


The Brides Cafe

Green Wedding Shoes

We hope you all know by now that at Parkers, we are clothing care specialists who know just how to clean your wedding attire – whether short-sleeved, long-sleeved or without sleeves. Our state-of-the-art dry cleaning facilities and green cleaning techniques should leave you feeling relaxed as you celebrate all night long, knowing that your gown will be cared for by wedding gown cleaning and preservation specialists.

Pst! Did you know that you can schedule to have your wedding gown picked up and cleaned while you’re on your honeymoon?

Inspired by: Coordinates

26 Jun

The sun is finally out! This means that the last thing we want to do on a sunny day is take hours to get ready. No, we want to get dressed and get outside as fast as we can to take advantage of all that vitamin D waiting for us outdoors. So, this summer we are organizing our closets in order of what looks the best for the least amount of effort!

We’re taking our cue from our favourite street style expert (Taylor Swift, of course) and feel inspired by co-ordinate sets! A perfectly matching set has the magical ability to make you feel chic in no more than five minutes. Can you feel anything but totally put together when your shirt actually matches your shorts? We didn’t think so.

Co-ords, as we have lovingly come to call them, are the perfect opportunity to play around with colour and print. You can always rock the minimalist look, but the thing we really like about these sets is they make an all-over print look really, really good.

Trust us, you guys. Not sure what to wear on your next day off? Try a coordinated top and bottom combo. Guaranteed thumbs-up emoji.

Still not sure? Let us change your mind:

For Love and Lemons


Who What Wear


Who What Wear


SexyClassicCool on Tumblr


Ring My Bell

And, our muse herself:


We don’t want to be party-poopers, but we have to mention something. Please keep in mind that no matter how cool you look and feel this summer, the reality is that we are all perspiring a little more than usual. Over time, this can cause your most beloved pieces of clothing to stain, discolour or…smell (eek!).  We would rather you focus on how fantastic you feel in your new co-ord set, than on how to care for it, so we specialize in keeping your clothes looking and smelling as good as new. Check out our clothing care services and find the one that is best for your Toronto summer dry cleaning needs!

3-D Printing for Clothes? The Electroloom.

23 Jun



I know. It sounds like we made it up, but we promise that we didn’t.

It’s called the Electroloom and is heralded as the world’s “first desktop 3D-printer for clothes.” According to the team behind the machine, the Electroloom could bring a whole new level of sustainability and accessibility to the textile industry. All a person would need in order to create seamless fabrics with next-to-no textile waste, the team says, is “the Electroloom and a bit of [computer aided design] know how”.

In an interview for Ecouterre:

“Electroloom began with a question: What if we could design and print our own clothes?

From there, it grew into something that was constantly on our minds, about how we actually might be able to do it, until we eventually came up with a way we thought would work and started building it.”

Because the new-age loom takes raw material and translates that directly into the finished product, the carbon footprint of each produced piece could be significantly less. Think of the amount of fuel used transporting different components of the entire textile process from place to place. Now imagine if all of those steps were to take place in one single building and to, in fact, happen in only one step.

Not to mention, the team behind Electroloom have eyes on the environment, as well. As they explain in the article, “The main ingredient in [their] current prototyping material is biodegradable, and [their] materials engineer is hard at work to create blends that rely on water as a main constituent, rather than any harsher chemicals.”

Intrigued? We know we are! Want to know a bit more? Electroloom’s Joseph White speaks in the video below with Ecouterre regarding this exciting new endeavour:

What are your thoughts? Let us know what you think about this new textile technology by tweeting us @ParkersCleaners or by leaving a comment in the section below! We love to hear from you!