Variety at the Golden Globes 2015

23 Jan

Who else out there watched the Golden Globes a couple Sundays ago? We look forward to this and the Academy Awards every year, both as avid lovers of creative film and television, but also keen fans of fashion. This year, we were thrilled to see just how much variety there was walking down the red carpet! Pantsuits, crop tops, oversized jackets, velvet dresses and suits, sparkles on dresses and suits, dresses with one strap, two straps and even strapless all found their 15 seconds in the limelight.

While beautiful gowns are always fun to look at, we thought it was so refreshing to see men and women alike dressed in ways that just seemed to fit – and we don’t mean just by excellent tailoring! We kept finding ourselves exclaiming things like, “Yes!”, “Perfect!”, “Those colours!”, “That dress!”, or “I can’t get enough of all this velvet!” over and over, and over again.

As clothing-care specialists in Toronto, there will always be a special place in our hearts for great wardrobes (which we always find at awards shows), but what we love the most is when people are comfortable enough in their own skin to not only wear what they want, but to be who they want. There seemed to be this common thread woven through the night, one that celebrated differences, embraced commonalities and applauded those who stood firm in both.

We love it when clothes aren’t just clothes.

What were some of your favorite looks this year? Some of ours were:

US Weekly



US Weekly

And a very special mention to one of our favorite moments of the whole show…

The Kansas City Star

What were your thoughts? Tweet us your favorite parts, wardrobe or not, of this years Golden Globe Awards: @ParkersCleaners.

Wintery and Wonderful Weddings

16 Jan

Is there a more romantic season than winter? Once it gets too cold to stay outdoors for very long, we all move indoors – to warm fireplaces, blankets to wrap ourselves up in and long, dark nights with nowhere else to be but right there with our loved ones.

Is it any surprise that we think winter weddings are wonderful?

The weather may not be entirely predictable, and you may have to have a plan B (and C, and D) in case there is a sudden blizzard, but really, when else are you going to get to wear a fur stole over a ball gown? And, just think of the photo shoot you can have!

Think of the cold as an extra excuse to cuddle up nice and close to your partner.

Here are some of our favourite winter wedding looks!

Lauren Fair Photography

Green Wedding Shoes

Green Wedding Shoes

Lauren Fair Photography

The Knot

Elizabeth Ann Designs


Chic Vintage Brides

Bridal Guide

Bridal Guide

Southbound Bride

Of course, we understand that beautiful, snowy photo shoots and trekking through the sleet, snow or rain to your venue can wreak havoc on your wardrobe! We offer a full range of wedding gown cleaning and care services to take care of any dirtied hems or snow-covered jackets that may show up the next day – meaning, you should have nothing standing between you and your wonderful winter wedding. 

Burnett’s Boards

Inspired by: Resolutions

15 Jan

Quick! What comes to mind when we say, “New Year Resolutions”?

Few subjects are as polarizing as resolution-making, specifically resolution-making at the start of the new year! Some people are avid fans, making a list each and every year, steadfastly working through it as the months go by. Others (we think most of us might fall in this camp) make hopeful resolutions that gradually wane in passion through those remaining months. And then there are always those on other side, the polar opposites: those who find resolution-making entirely pointless and remind us that “resolutions” are never really as “resolute” as we want them to be anyways.

Where do we stand on the issue? Well, this year we’re actually feeling a little inspired by the idea of making resolutions.

Did you know that this tradition dates way back (like, way back) to the ancient Babylonian and Roman Empires? What sort of resolutions do you suppose people made in those days? Somehow, I am guessing they weren’t promising themselves to go to the gym more often.

We’re joining in a tradition that dates back thousands of years. A tradition meant to evaluate our last year, look forward to the next, and look for ways to be more generous, loving, kind, thoughtful, healthy, and so on. Overall, this is kind of a neat idea now, isn’t it?

Here are our two suggestions for keeping your success rate high!

Don’t look at your resolutions as a to-do list that you can fail to complete.

This is just a great excuse to sit down and make some positive goals for yourself. Remember, goals are good! They keep us all on track, keep our eyes focused ahead, keep us hoping and keep us growing. They’re nothing to be scared of.

Keep an element of fun in there!

We are much more likely to do things we enjoy, so think of it as another way to treat yourself. Find things you enjoy doing and incorporate them into the more difficult resolutions.

See, that’s not so bad, is it? And for all you new year’s resolution nay-sayers, these are good tips for your goals anytime of the year!

So, what are your resolutions, if you are making any, going to be this year? Aside from resolving to eat a bit healthier and work out a bit more some of ours are to:

Commit ourselves further to being eco-friendly. It is already something we practice here in our dry cleaning and custom clothing care locations, as well as in our homes, but there are always new things to learn and new products to discover! (Of course, we also resolve to share our discoveries with you.)

Be better buyers. By this, I mean that we want to only purchase items we truly love, always choosing quality over quantity.

Wear more patterns! Wear more colour! Pick pieces that don’t always match! We want to have fun with our wardrobe and let our personality shine through in our choices. We resolve to say, “I can’t wear that” less and “I can totally pull this off!” more.

However you choose to start off this new year, we truly hope that 2015 is a year of positive growth for you…regardless of whether officially “resolved” on December 31st or not!

We hope for health and happiness for you and your loved ones, and we hope that we see even more of you in the year to come! Thank you for your continued support and patronage, for entrusting us with your most beloved pieces of clothing and home textiles; we are proud to call Toronto home and to be trusted with a part of its TLC. 


The Parkers Team


Our Top 10 Holiday Party Picks

19 Dec

Well, it seems that the holiday party season is officially upon us! Invites have been rolling in (and out) and our weekends booked up fast! You’re probably already mentally pulling outfits and deciding which shoes go best. In fact, you’ve probably already gone to a few parties and are tempted to scan future guest lists to see whether you can pull off the same outfit twice without anyone noticing. Because once you find an outfit you feel great in, it becomes your go-to.

After all, has there ever really been a better excuse to dress up – and we mean truly dress up – than a good ol’ holiday party? Glittery cocktail dresses, sleek LBDs, and long, glamourous gowns all look equally at home this time of year. We have seen people with the simplest of styles go suddenly (spectacularly!) glam in all-over sequins, for no other reason than, “Well, it’s the holidays!”

Perfectly sound reasoning, if you ask us!

Here are our top ten picks for what to wear to your holiday parties this year!

1. The A-Little-Bit-Different LBD


The little black dress is a staple; every season, every event, every closet seems to have space for a LBD. Sometimes we forget that the simplest designs can be the most flattering or the most fun. We like this modern take on the little black dress.

2. The “You Could Even Say She Glowed” Dress


Bright, shiny, and sequined – this dress is everything we love about holiday party dresses! It’s not often you have an excuse to wear fuchsia sparkles, so take advantage and shine brightly!

3. The Modern Classic

J Crew

This dress is simple, sleek, and yet a total stand out! We think it would be perfectly paired with metallic accents while watching the ball drop on New Year’s Eve.

4. The Perfect Combo


Sometimes you can’t pick just one piece – so you pick two and make them work fantastically together! Try a mix-and-match approach and see how many outfits you can get out of only a few pieces.

5. The Long and Short of It


The long sleeves make it seasonally appropriate, but the mini skirt and bold graphic sequins (yes, there is a glittery pattern emerging) keep it totally cool. This is a great dress for dancing the night away, whether it’s with your coworkers at a staff party or with your best friends at midnight.

6. The Pretty Pattern


Maybe sequins aren’t really your thing, but maybe neither is a basic black. Try for a pattern – yes, even a floral! The oversized pattern of this dress gives it a great colour pop without feeling summery. The structured bell shape of the skirt keeps it from being casual.

7. The Not-a-Dress


Who said pants were out of the question? This look has quickly climbed our list of best holiday attire and now sits proudly as one of our favourites! Pair it with a great pair of heels (or flats, if you prefer), some fabulous statement jewelry and the confidence that comes sewn in, it seems, to a jumpsuit, and you’ve got a winning look.

8. The Capelet


We don’t need to explain why this look is great, do we? Capes have been everywhere this past fall and there’s no reason to put them away for a party. The capelet is one of our favourite vintage looks this year; it is at once demure and bold – and we are all over that.

9. The Flapper

Top Shop

Ring in a new year in this flapper-style dress. Short, sweet, sassy, and stylish, it’s a great choice, even if your party isn’t a Gatsby-themed event.

10. The Total Package


This dress is everything a holiday party could ask for! It is glamorous, modern, fun, sparkly and sleek all in one. If there were ever a time to wear a gold gown, we are very, very certain that this is it!


Whatever you choose to wear, however you choose to wear it, and wherever you may end up in it, make sure to enjoy yourself fully (and responsibly).  If you happen to wear an outfit that is a bit more difficult to clean (i.e., has sequins all over it or is made of something delicate, like silk), remember that you have trusty clothing care specialists nearby!

An Eco-Friendly Gift Guide to Share

12 Dec

With the holidays right around the corner, we’ve had our eyes wide open looking for the perfect gifts to spoil our loved ones with. As lovers of great apparel and of the environment, we were thrilled to see that our friends over at Ecouterre had put together an eco-friendly knitted gift guide. Because you know as well as we do that combining eco-friendly and knits creates our kryptonite.

How could we possibly keep this to ourselves when we know that you love this stuff just as much as we do?

The way Ecouterre introduced the items was so perfect, so we had to share that too:

“Share the warmth this holiday with an eco-friendly knit gift that will bring comfort and joy to hearts, hands, and Mother Earth alike. Keep someone’s noggin warm with a handcrafted—and vegan-friendly—beanie. Or ward off the winter chill with a chic cowl derived from organic cotton, wool, and up-cycled leather.”

Take a look at their eco-friendly gift guide to find some cozy and timely inspiration for your holiday shopping!

Our favourites include:

Treeline Up-Cycled Boot Cuffs

Myrrhia Pyramid Beret

Kordal Horizon Scarf

And for anyone feeling like they want to try their hand at a DIY stocking stuffer, these slippers are super simple while still warranting an, “I can’t believe you made those!”

Now, not only do we get to experience the excitement of giving a gift we just know our loved ones will enjoy, but we get to do so knowing that what they are unwrapping is good for the planet as well!

What about you? What gifts are on your list this year, both to give and to receive? What are you most looking forward to this holiday season? Tweet us @ParkersCleaners, and let us know what you’re most excited about!

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