Can’t get enough of vintage lace wedding gowns

14 Jul

What is it about lace that evokes thoughts of romance and nostalgia for eras long past? Here at Parkers, we spend a lot of time up close and personal with many different fabrics and in the world of wedding gowns, that means a lot of tulle, satin, and lace. Specializing in caring for and preserving wedding gowns means we see it all and the greatest of these, in our humble opinion, is lace.

Because, seriously, is there anything as wonderfully feminine and as simply lovely as lace?

Every gown we see come through our doors is stunning in its own right; let’s start with that. But truly, we have a penchant for the delicacy of lace. The simplest of designs executed in lace become elegant, romantic, and soft. You can choose to make the sleeves long or short, have an open back or a high neck – to us it doesn’t matter! We love the vintage nod lace automatically gives a gown and how it can bring your mind back to any number of decades and trends. It’s an incredibly versatile fabric, fit for everybody, from the bohemian bride to the traditionalist, turn-of-the-century one.

As we all know, pictures speak a thousand words and more, so we’ve rounded up some of our favourite styles for you to look through below. As you will see, this is a versatile fabric, switching breathlessly from casual to formal and is at once timeless and current.

Take a look at these breathtaking gowns, and try to tell us that you didn’t swoon a little bit!



Once Wed, Tulle and Chantilly


Bridal Musings


Alexis Diack



Neptune Couture,





Berta Bridal, Beauty for Brides


Bridal Bliss Designs

As always, don’t worry for one moment about how to take care of such a delicate fabric after your wedding. We know just what your dress needs to last. Bring your lace wedding gown in after your celebrations, to any one of our six locations, and we will make sure your dress looks just as beautiful in 10 years as it did on your wedding day through our specialized wedding gown cleaning and preservation. If you’re too busy resting after the wedding excitement, we’ll even come and pick it up!

Inspired by: Ombré

2 Jul

Who else remembers a few seasons ago when you couldn’t look to the left or the right without seeing someone with freshly ombréd hair? The look completely exploded almost overnight and we were sold immediately. Chances are at some point in the last two years you have either had or have known someone who had ombré hair. It was everywhere (including on our own heads!).

Well, it turns out the trend has a bit more longevity to it than some may have initially expected it to. This season, we’re feeling a bit of déjà vu, as everywhere we turn, we are seeing ombré still; only this time, it’s in textiles! (Ok, and quite a few heads of hair still – but we’re okay with that.)

From house décor to clothing, ombré is turning heads once again this season. If you’re like us and loved the trend right away a couple years ago, but feel like you’ve “been there, done that”, perhaps this summer is the perfect time to re-incorporate the ombré look into your life with textiles. We personally think its casual, faded, carefree essence is just the right fit for summer.

For all of us who love photos, here are some of our favourite ways that ombré is making a major comeback this year. As you will notice, this year, we are heavily influenced by blue-green tones – perhaps due our proximity to beach days!












Design Lump


Ok, this next one is technically not ombré, but the colours do make an ombré effect and in the spirit of the trend, how beautiful would this look enlarged and framed?


Bree Madden

Do you love the ombré look? Where do you prefer it? In your hair, home or closet? Let us know! @ParkersCleaners

As a side note, textiles that depend on colour perfection to look the way they’re intended, like ombré, should be well taken care of. If you need any help with household fabric care or clothing care, get in touch with us!


Table Linens Cleaning Service – because summer dinner parties are the best

27 Jun


Along with gorgeous weather, climbing temperatures, and longer nights comes one of our very favourite parts of summer: dinner parties! Of course we eat dinner throughout the rest of the year, but what compares to a warm evening that lasts long past sunset, full of delicious food and wine, and laughing with good friends around? They are just the best.

What we don’t love, however, is the after-dinner-party-aftermath. You know what we’re talking about. The dishes seem to take over our entire kitchens (especially for those of us with smaller living spaces), empty bottles of wine show up even when we were sure we did a full sweep of them the night before, and possibly worst of all, spills only seem to appear after a good night’s rest.

Yes, we’ve all been there before: cleaning the house the next day to find someone’s red wine all over our tablecloth and remnants of spaghetti sauce decorating our cloth napkins. These are the kinds of stains you wish you’d seen 10 hours ago, before they had a chance to really make themselves at home.

Or how about pulling your favourite tablecloth out of storage to find last year’s summer evening dinner party evidence still there! It can get pretty ugly.

But, we have good news for you and for all of your future dinner parties! We offer a specialized table linen cleaning service in the GTA, to ensure that your tables look fantastic before – and after – every event. Whether you’re concerned about discolouration and stains from previous uses or are worried about the state of affairs afterwards, we can help you. We soak your linens in large tubs first, to remove any stubborn stains, and then gently wash them to get rid of anything from food stains to candle wax. We then package your linens with great care, as with all our services, to prevent any wrinkling.

So, enjoy your summer evenings! Spend them eating and drinking by candlelight or under the stars with your friends, carefree because we are here to help with tomorrow morning’s cleanup.

3 Easy Ways to Revamp Your Living Space

25 Jun

As tempting as it is to update our wardrobes and our homes from season to season, it’s just not all that practical of a habit for any us to get into. Luckily, you don’t really need to buy brand new everything in order to feel like your home’s interior matches the season’s exterior. In fact, we have three simple suggestions that we guarantee will completely change the look, and feel, of your home.

1. Switch out your drapes


One of the most dramatic ways to change the face of any given room is in the drapery. Whether you want to keep up with the changing seasons outside or with today’s current trends, this is one sure-fire way to satisfy that craving without very much effort. By switching from dark, heavy textiles, for instance, to lighter, airier ones, your room will suddenly go from curl-up-with-a-book cozy to let-me-get-my-sunglasses-first bright!

Some people may prefer to keep heavier, light-blocking drapes in the warmer months (especially those who work night shifts), but by choosing a lighter colour you can still get the same “brightened” effect when they are opened.


2. Switch up your rug


Rugs, like drapes, take up a lot of visual space in a room and tend to dictate what else goes on in the room. Rugs and drapes alike sit in the background of everything else we see, pull colours together, compliment design choices, and make a bare space look like home. And so, they are another element that easily transforms a room into something totally different.

Even if you don’t change anything else, not a single potted plant or decorative bird, we promise you that changing your rug is going to make you feel like you’re on vacation – okay, we don’t promise you that, but we do promise that it will feel like a new room.


3. Pick and choose your pillows


Last, but not least, let’s talk pillows. Much like drapes and rugs, pillows are a big staple piece in any living or bedroom. They won’t do as much good in a kitchen or a bathroom, but for those rooms where lounging is a key word, pillows are essential. They are possibly the most inexpensive way to change a room’s look from season to season, and trend to trend, as pillow covers can be found at such reasonable prices, can be mix-and-matched, and can easily be stored away for later use! This is our go-to room changer.

Guess what! We are experts at cleaning all three! Did you see that coming?

We’ll even come to your home to pick up your pillows and cases and clean your rugs and drapes. It’s really just as easy as calling us.

Inspired by: summer hats

11 Jun

The sunshine is here and we’re soaking it up! We’re totally ready for crowded patios, picnics in the park, cottage getaways, and sun, sun, sun! Who’s with us?! Our summer essentials have officially been pulled from storage and are quickly replacing their cooler-weather counterparts in outfit rotation. It’s a good feeling.

Topping the list of summer essentials for us is a great, looks-good-with-everything hat. To be honest, we’re sold on hats in any season, but especially in the summer. Hats protect us from the sun; are good for covering up any humid hair days (extremely necessary in Toronto); and make any outfit, no matter how casual, look that much more pulled together – which is handy when you’re running out the door and to the beach.

While we love felted hats any day of the year, for the next couple of months, we’re looking for anything wide-brimmed, woven, floppy, and fun. Because as cute as that felt fedora is, summer in Ontario begs for something a little less warm. So, this summer, we’re all about hats that say, “We’re heading on vacation, but ready to stop at a farmer’s market on the way!”

Since you’re not wearing your beautiful winter hats in this heat, why not give them a vacation of their own by sending them our way for cleaning? We specialize in unique garments and taking care of different fabric textures, which means that we’re great at cleaning hats.

We know that you like it when we post great fashion photos, so here are some of our favourite summer hats, this year:





1  /  2 /   3  /   4  /  5  / 6  /  7

What are you wearing this year to keep cool and stay chic? Tweet us @ParkersCleaners