Don’t call it a comeback; they’ve been here for years

30 Jun

Eat Dessert First

Strapless dresses have been a perennial favourite of brides all over for decades now. Coming in every shape and style, from dressed down and ready-to-elope, to ballgowns fit for a princess, strapless dresses have been, and will remain, a mainstay in bridal fashion. This year, however, the sleeve has been giving the strapless a definite run for its money – and we’re way, way too excited about what we’ve seen!

 Let’s clarify first that we still have a soft spot for strapless; we think a décolletage is beautiful, bare shoulders are glamorous, and the chance for a statement necklace is great. A certain bride we know may have even walked into the bridal shop, head held high and a determined look on her face, sure she would walk out with sleeves…only to walk out with a strapless gown! A sweetheart neckline with soft curls on her shoulders was just too lovely a thought to resist.

For a while, some considered sleeves on a wedding gown “dated” (think: puffy 80s sleeves) and “unsexy” (think: black and white photos of high collars, long sleeves, and hair in tight buns). We are here to set the record straight: these are lies, all lies!

Ok, except maybe the puffy sleeve part.

Cap, tee-length, long, off-the-shoulder, and especially lace sleeves…they’re not making a comeback, they’ve been here for years. But, now that the puffy ones have disappeared, maybe we’re just starting to see how wonderful sleeves really can be.

We have, as we always do, rounded up some best-of-the-best photos for you, just to further prove that sleeves are here to stay.


The Wedding Scoop


Belle Magazine


Style Me Pretty

Style Me Pretty


Ruffled Blog 1 | 2


Muna Luchi Bride

Bridal Musings


Bridal Musings


The Brides Cafe

Green Wedding Shoes

We hope you all know by now that at Parkers, we are clothing care specialists who know just how to clean your wedding attire – whether short-sleeved, long-sleeved or without sleeves. Our state-of-the-art dry cleaning facilities and green cleaning techniques should leave you feeling relaxed as you celebrate all night long, knowing that your gown will be cared for by wedding gown cleaning and preservation specialists.

Pst! Did you know that you can schedule to have your wedding gown picked up and cleaned while you’re on your honeymoon?

Inspired by: Coordinates

26 Jun

The sun is finally out! This means that the last thing we want to do on a sunny day is take hours to get ready. No, we want to get dressed and get outside as fast as we can to take advantage of all that vitamin D waiting for us outdoors. So, this summer we are organizing our closets in order of what looks the best for the least amount of effort!

We’re taking our cue from our favourite street style expert (Taylor Swift, of course) and feel inspired by co-ordinate sets! A perfectly matching set has the magical ability to make you feel chic in no more than five minutes. Can you feel anything but totally put together when your shirt actually matches your shorts? We didn’t think so.

Co-ords, as we have lovingly come to call them, are the perfect opportunity to play around with colour and print. You can always rock the minimalist look, but the thing we really like about these sets is they make an all-over print look really, really good.

Trust us, you guys. Not sure what to wear on your next day off? Try a coordinated top and bottom combo. Guaranteed thumbs-up emoji.

Still not sure? Let us change your mind:

For Love and Lemons


Who What Wear


Who What Wear


SexyClassicCool on Tumblr


Ring My Bell

And, our muse herself:


We don’t want to be party-poopers, but we have to mention something. Please keep in mind that no matter how cool you look and feel this summer, the reality is that we are all perspiring a little more than usual. Over time, this can cause your most beloved pieces of clothing to stain, discolour or…smell (eek!).  We would rather you focus on how fantastic you feel in your new co-ord set, than on how to care for it, so we specialize in keeping your clothes looking and smelling as good as new. Check out our clothing care services and find the one that is best for your Toronto summer dry cleaning needs!

3-D Printing for Clothes? The Electroloom.

23 Jun



I know. It sounds like we made it up, but we promise that we didn’t.

It’s called the Electroloom and is heralded as the world’s “first desktop 3D-printer for clothes.” According to the team behind the machine, the Electroloom could bring a whole new level of sustainability and accessibility to the textile industry. All a person would need in order to create seamless fabrics with next-to-no textile waste, the team says, is “the Electroloom and a bit of [computer aided design] know how”.

In an interview for Ecouterre:

“Electroloom began with a question: What if we could design and print our own clothes?

From there, it grew into something that was constantly on our minds, about how we actually might be able to do it, until we eventually came up with a way we thought would work and started building it.”

Because the new-age loom takes raw material and translates that directly into the finished product, the carbon footprint of each produced piece could be significantly less. Think of the amount of fuel used transporting different components of the entire textile process from place to place. Now imagine if all of those steps were to take place in one single building and to, in fact, happen in only one step.

Not to mention, the team behind Electroloom have eyes on the environment, as well. As they explain in the article, “The main ingredient in [their] current prototyping material is biodegradable, and [their] materials engineer is hard at work to create blends that rely on water as a main constituent, rather than any harsher chemicals.”

Intrigued? We know we are! Want to know a bit more? Electroloom’s Joseph White speaks in the video below with Ecouterre regarding this exciting new endeavour:

What are your thoughts? Let us know what you think about this new textile technology by tweeting us @ParkersCleaners or by leaving a comment in the section below! We love to hear from you!

The Perfect Spring Dress

4 Jun

We used to look forward to spring so much as kids. There were the obvious parts that we loved: temperatures rising and snow melting, meaning we could go play outside again! But there was also a springtime tradition of buying a brand new spring outfit that we couldn’t wear until after Easter. Oh, the absolute torture of waiting and staring into the closet at our new clothes!

While that tradition has changed a bit (we don’t wait until Easter and, well, we don’t really “wait” at all, once it’s in our closet!), there’s still something so exciting about treating ourselves to the “Perfect Spring Outfit”. And most of the time, this really ends up being the “Perfect Spring Dress”.

The PSD comes in many shapes and sizes, looking a bit different for whoever finds it, but what makes it so wonderfully perfect is its ability to fit into any scenario. Casual Saturday brunch? Check! Night out for drinks with coworkers? Check! Mid-week work wear with a blazer thrown on?  Running errands around town? Check and check!

With so many beautiful dresses, we couldn’t pick just one! So, here are all our favourites!


All three: WhoWhatWear


Kadore Kouture


Style Estate Blog




Glam Radar


Style Cusp


Now, we know that many readers are thinking, “But, I don’t wear dresses, so that’s not quite my ‘Perfect Spring Outfit’, at all.” Well, don’t worry; we hear you and we see you. Just wait until next week! Until then, tweet us @ParkersCleaners or reply in the comments here to tell us what your perfect outfit for this spring looks like.

You might be a Parkers regular if…

27 May

Man, do we ever love our Parkers regulars. You guys know who you are; you’re the ones who wouldn’t dare throw that silk blouse into the washing machine at home and who like to keep your collared dress shirts looking their best. You’re the ones who look forward to getting dressed for work in the morning because you believe in dressing to impress. You’ll never be caught running out the door to an important meeting with a mustard stain on your favourite shirt from lunch a week ago.

Oh no, you are the ones who bring us your stained, wrinkled, and important clothing and trust us to take care of them for you. And we thank you for that! Thank you for trusting us to keep you looking your best, whether it’s for work, for a night out, or just for fun.

It’s because of you that we strive to be the best clothing care experts in the Greater Toronto Area. There are a lot of dry cleaners out there, but we pride ourselves on our customer service and on treating your clothes with the absolute best, expert care available – all of which is totally customized to your preferences.

For instance, we wash your shirts with special detergent at cool temperatures to minimize shrinkage so you don’t have to worry about things fitting funny once you take them home. We also inspect each and every shirt for missing or broken buttons, and make sure the trouble spots (collars, armholes, cuffs and placket) are properly pressed. If your shirt has French cuffs, we keep plastic studs in there to maintain shape. And, depending on how you like to store your shirts, we offer both special hangers that help preserve shape and environmentally friendly, reusable folded shirt bags.

We even wash the garment bags after each visit.

Oh, but don’t get us wrong!  Our regular customers aren’t the only ones who get the red carpet rolled out for them. That carpet is out and there to stay, whether we see you every week or it’s your first time through our doors. We’re just happy to help keep your clothes in their very best condition.

Before we sign off for this week, did you know that if you register online with us, you receive a $10 coupon to use towards your next dry cleaning service – free! Plus, you are put on our monthly newsletter list, which keeps you in the loop with expert clothing care tips, as well as more coupons A pretty good deal, if you ask us.