Love summer, but hate grass stains?

25 Aug

kids clothes.jpg

What is it about summer days that bring on a sense of relaxation and carry with them a more laidback nature than all of the other days of the year? Even when we’re not technically on vacation, we all seem to make the most of the breaks we do have in our day-to-day routines. Maybe we all just slow down a little bit more in the heat or maybe the impending knowledge of what fall and winter can be like for us out here in Eastern Canada boosts our appreciation for our summers!

Lately, we’ve been finding ourselves outdoors as much as possible, hiking, barbecuing, swimming, or just finding a good patio to sit on. We’ve been taking advantage of summer and we hope that you have been able to as well. While we will never complain about it, this has meant having to deal with some, or all, of the following: pollen, grass stains, ketchup, mustard, and some spilled sugary drinks. Unfortunately, stains don’t take a summer vacation along with the rest of us. In fact, at times it seems like they are working even harder to inconvenience you, doesn’t it?

But this should really be the least of your worries while you are on vacation or while you are busy working and trying to enjoy as much of the summer as your can on your days off. We know that the last thing you want to do on your Sunday afternoon is spot treat a mustard stain from yesterday’s picnic.

However, the truth is that when we enjoy all that summer has to offer, we are probably going to run into a few stain hiccups. Eating outside, while amazing, also causes some of the most notorious summer specific stains; ketchup and mustard seem to settle into clothing immediately while grease stains from the barbecue are probably ruining someone’s crisp white shirt as we speak. And let’s not even talk about the state of your kids’ clothes from those relay races.

There’s hope!

As dry cleaners and clothing care specialists in the GTA, let us take care of your stains so you can enjoy the remainder of the summer. We are experts in treating summer specific stains in all the delicate fabrics you may not know how to treat yourself. Rather than spending hours trying to scrub ketchup out of your linens or spot treat spilled champagne on your bridesmaids dresses, bring them to us. Remember, if you are running short on time, we pick up as well!

Most importantly with all of these stains, don’t wait too long. The longer sugars, pollens, and food stains sit, the harder they are to get out. We know you would rather not spend your holiday soaking and scrubbing, so we are happy to do it for you. There are only a few more summer days left, so let us be the busy ones so that you can squeeze out the last few moments of sunshine.

The adorable photo at the top of this post is by photographer Kelli Murray.


Eco-news flash: ColorDry Dyeing and Bio-based Lycra

13 Aug

It’s exciting to see the fashion industry constantly making changes towards being more eco-conscious. Our eyes are always open to see who is doing what, in regards to making more sustainable choices, especially when it comes to fabric. As clothing care specialists, we pay attention to innovative changes in the actual production of textiles or in how textiles are dyed because well, because we spend a lot of time with fabric!

As a company involved in the dry cleaning area of the fashion industry, we believe in minimizing our dependency on chemicals and fossil fuels, as well as excess water waste, so we just had to share these two pieces of news. Thanks to Ecouterre, as always, for keeping us in the eco-friendly loop!


ColorDry Cuts Down on Waste


“ColorDry” technology is ready for its close up. The waterless fabric-dyeing innovation, a collaboration between the sportswear giant [Nike] and the Netherland’s DyeCoo Textile Systems, is available to consumers for the first time as a line of vibrantly hued polo shirts. It takes 30 liters of water to dye a T-shirt using conventional means, according to Nike. ColorDry, which uses a pressurized form of carbon dioxide to saturate textile fibers with color, cuts the wet stuff from the process entirely, saving energy and eliminating the need for extra chemical agents.” – Jasmin Malik Chua, Ecouterre


Invista: Bio-based Lycra Eliminating Fossil Fuel Reliance


“Developed by Invista, [bio-based Lycra is] a version of Lycra composed of at least 70 percent corn-derived dextrose. [It’s] the only plant-based spandex commercially available for use in apparel fabrics and garments, including: jeans, swimwear, lingerie, pantyhose, and leggings. [Bio-based Lycra] generates fewer greenhouse gases because it replaces petroleum-based materials with a renewable feedstock. [It is a] part of Invista’s sustainability program, known as “Planet Agenda,” to reduce its environmental footprint by conserving resources, reducing emissions, and eliminating waste at its manufacturing plants. [Bio-based lycra is] otherwise indistinguishable from conventionally manufactured Lycra, which means existing finishing processes can remain unchanged. [It will be] rolling out in commercial quantities in time for the Fall/Winter 2015 and Spring/Summer 2016 collections.” – Lea Stewart, Ecouterre

Have you had a chance to take a look at all of the ways that we practice eco-friendly dry cleaning and clothing care in Toronto? From our use of the Solvair cleaning system, which uses a biodegradable detergent and no heat, to Green Earth, an eco-friendly and gentle dry cleaning process, we’re committed to sustainability in every part of the textile industry.

As a side note, if you’re bringing in a unique fabric to be cleaned, it’s always a good idea to talk to your clothing care specialist about what it is and how it should be cleaned.

Images from Ecouterre

The Best of the Best: Summer Dresses

1 Aug

A show of hands, please, for all those who agree summer days are best spent with bare feet and a breezy dress! While denim cut-offs remain a close second (is there an age-limit on these? because we are still convinced that we can rock them), dresses have, and will probably always, take our number one summer attire spot. They are comfortable, beautiful, cool (as in, they keep you cool on a hot day), and require little effort; one piece and your outfit is nearly complete, save for accessories.

We can’t be alone in thinking that this is the ideal way to dress, especially during the summer when the less-is-more look is totally acceptable on a daily basis.

But really, the best thing about dresses, aside from the obvious beating-the-heat perks, is that they require minimal effort and yet still look as cute, flawless, and put together as anything else. Throw over a jacket and take the look into the night. Change your accessories and it’s a whole new outfit.  Dresses are the ultimate throw-on-and-go item.

Everybody has their own style and own take on the perfect summer dress, depending of course on personal aesthetic and body types, but we’re so sure that no matter your taste or shape, there is one out there waiting to become your friend.

Here are five styles that have inspired us this summer – enjoy!


The Midi

We love the midi-length dress this year. Not too short, but not too long, so you can wear a midi on a picnic or out at night and feel just as confident. Better yet, with a little bit of length, you can keep wearing your favourite summer dress into the early days of autumn and keep that carefree feeling going strong.


ASOS, Velvet Moon
The Shift

What isn’t to love about a good shift dress? The relaxed style is comfortable and the lines bring us back to some of our favourite style decades (60s anyone?).  We think shifts are totally adorable and probably the comfiest in the most humid months.




The Boho

There is no better time to go boho than during the dog days of summer. To start, when Kate Moss is your style icon, you really can’t go wrong. Channel some of her effortless boho glam this summer and you’ll never look back.




The T-Shirt

The simple t-shirt dress has been around for ages and is often missed in “best of” lists, but considering how much we love the perfect tee, it should come as no surprise that we love a perfect t-shirt dress for all of the same reasons!


Surf Stitch, Hue & Awe


The Bold

There is no better way to describe the type of dress we are thinking about this summer, other than bold! By bold, we mean, large prints, bright colours, and patterns on patterns! The bold dress may come in various shapes and sizes, but it will always be hard to miss. This is the perfect summer to try something bold.

Screen Shot 2014-07-22 at 9.41.05 AM.png   

Top Shop, ASOS


Whatever style steals your attention, keep in mind that we will treat your clothing with as much love and care as such a hard-working wardrobe deserves. If you do decide that dresses are your summer uniform and need to make sure they’re always clean and ready to go, use our pick up and drop off service to pre-schedule your dry cleaning.

Shorts Vs. Rolled Pants

28 Jul

It’s a commonly believed fashion myth that men have fewer options than women when it comes to looking good year-round. Men nationwide seem to resign themselves to surfer apparel when the warm weather hits, even if their cooler weather styles feature more oxfords and pullovers than flip-flops and nylon shorts. While sandal and swim shorts are perfect for a day at the lake or weekend at the cabin, what about the rest of the week?

Don’t believe the myth that there are no options out there for you, men; there are options – and lots of them!

Today, we are focusing on something we’ve heard many men debate: whether or not shorts are ever a good idea as more than beach wear. We’re dry cleaners in Toronto, so we know that this city can get mighty hot in the summer. No one should have to suffer in slacks when all you want to do is show off those calves you’ve spent the winter working out!

Because we all know that what you wear on your lower half has a huge transformative effect on the rest of your outfit, pairing the same t-shirt with a different pair of pants or shorts changes your look entirely.  In the same vein, the shoes you wear can set the tone of your whole outfit – and in this case, move you from spring into summer with one simple choice: socks or no socks.

To jump straight to the point, our two favourite summer fashion options for men are the rolled-cuff pant or a good pair of shorts. When and where you wear each of these is up to you, but we have a few tips below to help you figure out which is the best option for you today.


When should you wear rolled pants and when should you wear shorts?


Mens Fashion Magazine, ,The Sartorialist

1. If you’re going to be out late – pants

Both these outfits have the same casual, yet put-together vibe, thanks to a good pair of shoes, no socks, and long sleeves (the blazer and the button-up bring a relaxed and yet polished feel). If you want an outfit that translates seamlessly from day to night, however, the rolled pants may be the choice for you. In the same way you can dress up a pair of shorts, remember you can dress down a pair of pants with a more casual top.



Now Bond, Layman’s Fashion

2. Start with colour!

Bottoms are a great place to experiment with colour; we are big fans of bold shorts and pants, especially in the summer. These pants could work both in a casual office setting or out running errands. While the shorts are better suited for a day off, you could throw a blazer on and you’ve got a great weekend in the Hamptons look (we all go to the Hamptons on the weekends, right?). Whichever you choose, try inserting some colour into your wardrobe this summer.



Soletopia, Scout Sixteen

3. If you need to play it safe, go for khaki

Khaki is a mainstay during the summer for most of us. Again, perfect for a day at the office, these rolled cuffs transition quickly into your evening off/day off by losing the socks and highlighting your awesome shoes. These shorts, by keeping a clean line and losing the side pockets often associated with khaki shorts, look a bit to us like our next favourite purchase (or a serious hint to our significant other). Incredibly versatile, the shorts can be paired down (as seen above) or dressed up with the right shirt/shoe combination.


However you choose to style yourself this summer, keep in mind that we are clothing care experts. You don’t have to worry about wearing your good clothes out and about anymore; go to that picnic, head to the beach, and look your best while doing it, because we can figure the stains out for you later!


Can’t get enough of vintage lace wedding gowns

14 Jul

What is it about lace that evokes thoughts of romance and nostalgia for eras long past? Here at Parkers, we spend a lot of time up close and personal with many different fabrics and in the world of wedding gowns, that means a lot of tulle, satin, and lace. Specializing in caring for and preserving wedding gowns means we see it all and the greatest of these, in our humble opinion, is lace.

Because, seriously, is there anything as wonderfully feminine and as simply lovely as lace?

Every gown we see come through our doors is stunning in its own right; let’s start with that. But truly, we have a penchant for the delicacy of lace. The simplest of designs executed in lace become elegant, romantic, and soft. You can choose to make the sleeves long or short, have an open back or a high neck – to us it doesn’t matter! We love the vintage nod lace automatically gives a gown and how it can bring your mind back to any number of decades and trends. It’s an incredibly versatile fabric, fit for everybody, from the bohemian bride to the traditionalist, turn-of-the-century one.

As we all know, pictures speak a thousand words and more, so we’ve rounded up some of our favourite styles for you to look through below. As you will see, this is a versatile fabric, switching breathlessly from casual to formal and is at once timeless and current.

Take a look at these breathtaking gowns, and try to tell us that you didn’t swoon a little bit!



Once Wed, Tulle and Chantilly


Bridal Musings


Alexis Diack



Neptune Couture,





Berta Bridal, Beauty for Brides


Bridal Bliss Designs

As always, don’t worry for one moment about how to take care of such a delicate fabric after your wedding. We know just what your dress needs to last. Bring your lace wedding gown in after your celebrations, to any one of our six locations, and we will make sure your dress looks just as beautiful in 10 years as it did on your wedding day through our specialized wedding gown cleaning and preservation. If you’re too busy resting after the wedding excitement, we’ll even come and pick it up!