5 Ways to Rock Black Tights

30 Nov

We’d like to consider ourselves to be rather well-seasoned when it comes to winter weather. We try not to let the cold get the best of us, but anybody who has stepped outside into a snow storm in Toronto knows that this is a hard feat some days. So, those of us who refuse to relegate our skirts and dresses to a measly three or four months a year need to have a backup plan.

Translation: We need a drawer stocked full of black tights.

So, imagine our confusion when we read this Guardian article, which seems to accuse the wearers of black tights of being less concerned with fashion than they are comfort.

The author says that wearing tights is  “about class, and money, and age. It is about how you order the priorities of how you look and what you get done.” We are here to argue that it’s much simpler than that: wearing tights is about not freezing your buns off.

Plus, dare we admit that we find them to be pretty darn cute? Even sexy when paired with the right outfit? Thankfully, we are not alone in the crusade for black tights! Rachel Syme of Refinery29 offers up a fantastic response to the previous article, and matching her stride, we have come up with some of our personal favourite black tight looks!

Monochromatic Perfection:

Paired with a minimalist’s palette of choice, black tights look totally chic, and totally at home among shades of greys.

Fash For Fashion


Keep It Casual:

Headed out for the weekend? Be sure to pack a pair of tights in your bag because they’re going to extend the life of your cutest shorts, skirts and dresses long into the colder months!



Glam Radar


Harper’s Bazaar

Boots All the Way To There:

Not much explanation is needed here. Tall boots with black tights is just simply a look that goes va-va-voom!

Style Scrapbook


All Black Everything:

An all black outfit is the easiest way to look put together while still playing up texture and accessories. It moves you from day to night in the winter and is a dream to put on in the morning.


Dress Like a Parisian

The Simply Luxurious Life


Any Way You Darn Well Please!

The crux of the black tights argument really is that, in our opinion, your fashion is your choice. Black tights are not a symbol of status, money or fashion hierarchy. They are practical, yes, but they are also cute, classy, modern, and extremely flattering! Put them on under your shorts, your leather mini skirt, or pair them with booties. Wear them with dungarees or a maxi dress. Just don’t ever feel you need to sacrifice warmth for fashion.


Et Pourquoi Pascoline


The Berry


Fash For Fashion

What are your thoughts on wearing black tights? Do you abide by any rules for when they can be worn or do you think they are a versatile staple for any wardrobe? Let us know what you think! Tweet us: @ParkersCleaners or follow us on Facebook and send us a message!

Service Highlight: Pillows

18 Nov

Good Housekeeping

When was the last time you gave your pillows a really good clean? We don’t mean just changing the pillowcases (though we hope you’re doing that on a regular basis). We mean a real, honest-to-goodness clean. The kind we’re all supposed to be doing once every six months or so.

Wait. Once every six months?

You read it right, friends. Did you know that it is recommended to clean your pillows themselves at least once every six months? If that sounds like a lot, well, you’re in good company, because this is a lot more frequent than most people realize. But, when you think about it, the cleaning makes quite a bit of sense.

Most of us use our pillows every single day for at least 7 hours straight. All of the dirt from the day and (even if you shower right before bed) the oils produced constantly from our scalps seep through our pillowcases into our pillows themselves. Oils, skin cells, and sweat (we know it’s gross) eventually lead to the breakdown of fibres and the discolouration of the pillows – not to mention the bacterial growth and dust mites (again, gross). None of these things are very good for us to be in close contact with every night.

Although you can wash certain kinds of pillows at home in your washing machine, it is still a little bit nerve-racking for many people. We understand and we are here to help! Our professional textile cleaning staff will be able to determine which method of cleaning is best for your pillows (dry or water-based), and our industrial-sized washers and dryers will ensure that your pillows come home soft, fluffy and not clumpy in the least.

Replacing Pillows

Now, even if you take regular care of them, there comes a day when every pillow should be replaced. It’s just that many people don’t know when that day is.

Some sleep experts recommend replacing your pillows every two years, while others say you should actually replace them more frequently, depending on what kind you have. One simple test you can try at home is the fold test. Basically, fold your pillow in half and if it doesn’t spring back into its normal flat form right away, it is probably time for a replacement!

If you’re still not totally sure, why not bring your pillows by one of our seven locations? Our experts will be glad to help you determine whether they are due for a cleaning or whether it’s time to replace them.

Cleaning Up Underfoot

9 Nov

Sarah Catherine Design

If you have ever lived in a home sans carpeting, you know the absolute joy and necessity of a really good rug. While carpeting ensures toasty tootsies year round and provides a softer space to land (important if you ever have a toddler hanging around your home), we find ourselves drawn more and more towards other flooring options. Can anything truly beat hardwood, aesthetically speaking?

The only trouble is that waking up early on any given winter morning and landing your feet directly onto said hardwood floors is just downright cruel to your feet. Or, having said toddler around and realizing that wood, laminate, and tile floors are pretty slippery.

So, we offer a hearty “Thank you!” to rug-makers worldwide and start scouring Pinterest for more rugs.


Apartment Therapy


However, as any rug owner knows, there will come a day when you look down and wonder to yourself, “How long has it been since this thing got cleaned?” Specks of dirt suddenly refuse to be vacuumed up, the colours seem a bit dull, and the pile seems a bit packed down. If and when you find yourself in this place, we’re here for you.

Our rug cleaning service will keep your rugs as fresh as possible and since we’re professional home textile cleaners, we know how to make sure that the colours stay true.

So, how often should you get your rugs professionally cleaned?

Thank you for asking! This is going to depend on what kind of rug you have, but in general it is a good idea to have a professional cleaning (we trust you to vacuum and spot-clean on a semi-regular basis) at least once a year! Of course, this also all depends on the amount of traffic your rug sees. If there are children or pets in the home, if you smoke inside or host a lot of events where food and other organics may find their way into the pile of your rug, or if your rug is in a particularly high-traffic or ‘dirty’ location (i.e. a kids room, or in the living room where you host a lot of movie nights), you could consider increasing the number of professional cleanings to twice a year.

Local Milk Blog

As dirt finds its way deeper into the rug, it begins to cut into the rug’s fibres, which is why high-traffic areas begin to flatten and even mat. By reducing wear to the pile, regular cleanings help to prolong the life of those wonderful rugs you’ve come to love! One of our methods is particularly gentle, using the Host ® dry extraction system to clean your area rugs without water. No water means dimensional integrity is maintained and your colours stay true. Depending on the rug, we might use a method with water, but our experts will analyze each rug to ensure that the proper technique is applied.

As we’ve mentioned in the past (and will say many more times), you might think that spring is the time to clean, but considering how many hours we will all spend indoors this winter, we are all about fall cleaning. And since not a lot of us have a ton of time to roll up our rugs and drive them to the cleaners, we have a pick-up and delivery service just for you. Give us a call at 1-877-SINCE-76 (746-2376) or schedule a pick-up online and your rugs will be back under your feet before you know it!

Mother of the Bride (and Groom!)

30 Oct


Happy Wedd


It’s a day you have been anticipating for years, it seems. From such an early age, you pictured how it would go: the location, the music, the food, the dress. You wondered who the other person walking down that aisle would be and now that the day is coming nearer, you find yourself in disbelief: your baby is getting married!

We’re willing to bet that right about now you’re feeling fairly invested in the upcoming union of your child with their beloved. With the past few weeks, months, even years spent planning and preparing, we’re also willing to bet that you’ve been a major source of support for the happy couple. It’s their big day, no doubt about that! But, we get it…it’s a pretty darn big day for you moms too!



Happy Wedd


We have a soft spot for the moms at weddings. Seeing the groom walk his mother down the aisle or even seeing mothers walking alongside their daughters down the aisle with all that love in their eyes makes our eyes a little misty! In fact, some of our favourite wedding moments come from watching parents on their (once) little kid’s big day.



Style Me Pretty





We know you don’t want to steal the spotlight from your children, but we think you deserve to look fabulous for the occasion! Traditionally, the mother-of-the-bride is to wear a colour that matches the colour of the wedding (or the bridesmaids’ dresses), while the mother-of-the-groom, as she isn’t traditionally “part of the wedding party”, is to wear something that doesn’t match. Is it a shock that we don’t think this matters much anymore?

While we do love a strong coordinating look, we see no reason this look shouldn’t extend to both sides of the family! Aren’t both mothers wedding VIPs? But just as we love it when bridesmaids dress to match their body type and personality, we love it when the moms do too. Where we used to see only a couple of different styles (and most involved a stiff shoulder wrap of some sort), nowadays we are seeing parents play a bit more with colour, shape, fabric and style. Whatever you choose, just don’t leave it until the last minute to decide! Many stores only carry limited numbers of each colour or size and while we know that the temptation is to focus on everyone else but yourself, choosing your dress plenty of time ahead will save you a lot of stress.







Colin Cowie Weddings

After the last photo is taken, and the last bite of cake is eaten, you will be left with a ton of wonderful memories and a gorgeous dress to boot! With a quick alteration, your floor length gown can become a cocktail dress that you can wear to future Christmas parties, New Year’s Eve events and the like. Here at Parkers Custom Clothing Care, we offer professional alteration services, alongside our eco-friendly dry-cleaning, and wedding gown preservation (in case you’ve volunteered to take care of your daughter’s wedding gown). We’re basically your all-in-one, post-wedding stop!

 And now, we leave you with a whole slew of photos that may or may not leave you a little misty-eyed:












Inspired by: Robin’s Egg

20 Oct


It’s not every autumn that we are so completely taken by a trend that we feel compelled to do an entire post about it, but when you see something so out-of-the-box and working so perfectly, it’s pretty hard not to. We all know the common colour themes of fall and for the most part, really look forward to incorporating darker tones again after spring and summer have passed. What we don’t always expect, however, is for a vivid, pastel hue to push its way to the forefront and completely revitalize our wardrobes.

What is this colour that has us so head over heels, you ask? Robin’s egg blue!

Who said that pastels can’t work in the fall? Certainly not any of us – and after the following photos, we’re pretty sure you won’t either!

We got our first glimpses of robin’s egg blue earlier in the year during the fall fashion weeks. The cheery blue was earning its keep among the other more typical autumnal tones of burnt orange, burgundy, black and a myriad of greys. The lively pop of azure left us inspired and we hoped that this runway trend would fly all the way into our favourite shops. And it did! We felt a surge of hope when robin’s egg blue started appearing along with all the chunky knits, wool coats and scarves an autumn-lover could hope for.




Stylecaster | Style.Lookli.st

If we are speaking about colour coordination, the trend makes perfect sense. A basic colour wheel will show you how complimentary blues are to the shades we most commonly associate with fall: reds, oranges, and yellows. Fashion-wise, we think it’s a perfect addition to any fall wardrobe. It’s unexpected, transitions from season to season seamlessly, and is anything but obvious.






As always, we would be remiss to not mention that when it comes to keeping your colours their truest and your clothes in their best condition possible, we have a variety of services to offer. As clothing care specialists and professional dry-cleaners, we at Parkers are fully invested in the welfare of your new and old favourites. Try out our pick up and delivery service and we know you’ll be pleased with the care your garments receive!