June 28, 2010 | Tips & Style

Maxi pads for armpit pads?

Perspiration stains don’t just smell bad they can look bad too.

As the weather gets hotter and hotter, we begin to find the brightest, coolest pieces in our wardrobes to wear daily for work. For many of us, that means wearing silk, linen and light weight cotton garments all summer long.  Silks bring out the best in you, and Parkers Custom Clothing Care brings out the best in silks.

Stacey has been a long time customer at our 3125 Yonge Street (North of Lawrence Ave) location. Whenever she drops off her dry cleaning, she always asks our counter staff to make sure the underarms are pre-treated.  Stacey has a sweat gland problem and perspires a great deal. She has tried every type of deodorant and even seen a doctor. Nothing helped her problem and it was damaging her garments.

One day Stacey came in and told me she had found a solution! She began sticking maxi pads into the arm holes of all of her shirts so that the sweat wouldn’t show through.  A friend had suggested it to her and it was working like a charm – almost.

As I went to tag and inspect Stacey’s garments, I realized that she had left a pair of maxi pads stuck to inside of one of the silk blouses. I had to be really gentle removing the maxi pads. Because of the stickiness of the backside of the pad, and the delicate nature of the silk fibres, I had to make sure that the blouse wouldn’t tear.  Due to the stains on Stacey’s garments, the wear and tear and the constant pre-spotting, the silk fibres were no longer as durable. I would not recommend using maxi pads to stop the perspiration from staining through as it could lead to other garment problems.

I suggested to Stacey that she look into arm pit pads. They won’t harm your clothes, have no bulk and are unisex.

You can find arm pit pads @ http://www.armpitpads.com/

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