December 6, 2010 | News & Updates

Last Monday we arose to the cold and rain, and this morning we awoke to snow on the ground.

It’s hard enough trying to get organized on a Monday morning, but now  . . . this morning I was running late and still had to put on my gloves, toque, and scarf. I rushed out the door to clean the snow off of my car and go to work. Just as I pulled in to work, I realized that I had forgotten my dry cleaning at home.

Are your mornings similar? Why not let Parkers Dry Cleaners simplify your busy life and take an errand off your hands? We offer free pickup and delivery for all of your dry cleaning, and shirt laundering needs and offer in-home cleaning services for your drapes, area rugs, upholstery and more.

With the rain and snow now a regular part of your day why not “clean up” some of your time?

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