January 17, 2011 | News & Updates

Over the holidays while at a friend’s party I watched a stain turn into a huge mess!

I was over at Jay’s house along with a lot of other friends. In fact there were so many of us crammed into his apartment, that I wasn’t surprised when the accident occurred.

David was trying to shove his way through the crowd to greet Taylor, when he bumped into Pat.  Pat lost his balance and dropped the red wine glass in his hand onto Jay’s white carpeting.

The carpet became a mess, and instinctively the guys all went running into the kitchen for a wet cloth and soda water. Luckily enough I managed to intervene and convinced them just to blot the stains with the towel, not to rub at it or pour soda water on the red wine.

Had they poured soda water on the wine stain they would have surely spread the stain as well as embedded it into the carpet fibres.

I gave Jay the phone number of our in-home cleaning department and suggested he get them to pickup his carpet and have it professionally cleaned.

Our in-home cleaning department offers environmentally friendly non toxic cleaning for all of your carpeting, upholstery, area rug, drapery and blind cleaning. Fibre protection services are available as well as leather cleaning.

To book your free estimate: inhomecleaning@parkersdrycleaners.com

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