August 30, 2011 | Tips & Style

Why does it always seem to happen to me?

Patsy came into our Yonge and Lawrence location the other day with a wool sweater and a wool skirt. She had accidentally washed both garments in the washing machine and threw them in the dryer to dry. Patsy wanted to know if we could “un-shrink” her garments.

We could not guarantee that her garments would come back to their normal size; however we were happy to give it a try.

Wool is a very tricky fabric to try and block (stretch). When wool gets wet, the fibres tighten locking the material together and shrinking the garments; – usually two to three sizes. In some instances where the drying temperature is warm but not hot, the wool will not lock as tightly making it easier to stretch the material.

In Patsy’s case while we were unable to save her sweater, we were able to save her skirt. The skirt was stretched, the pleats were pressed back in and the skirt is now wearable.

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