November 29, 2011 | News & Updates

It’s not my first time this happened.

Michael sent me a frantic email yesterday night. He was packing for his trip at 5:00a.m., and could not find his dry cleaning (which was to have been dropped off the previous day).  “Did I know where his cleaning was?”

I called his pickup and delivery driver right away to see if he could remember what he did with the cleaning? I knew for a fact that it was loaded onto our truck. Our driver advised that he left Michael’s dry cleaning and shirts hanging in the garage on the hook as normal.

After advising Michael and asking him to check his closets again, I received this email:”So so so sorry – our nanny forgot to mention it. Found, all great”

Michael was extremely embarrassed, I was not concerned. Last week a child of one of our delivery customers hung the returned garments in a closet, but neglected to tell their parent. After a panicked phone call we sorted out the mystery.

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