June 15, 2012 | Promotions & Coupons

The All-Powerful Sports Jersey And Cap

On the weekend we were downtown when a Jays game let out and we noticed something. Almost everyone in the crowd was wearing a Jays shirt, jersey or baseball cap. Not really surprising, but it has us thinking about the importance of this kind of sports attire.

To a lot of sports fans these items are just as important to them as the team and players themselves. So let’s talk about your favourite sports wear. Or if you aren’t that big into your sports, but know someone who is, this might help you understand how these items can become a pretty big deal.

First of all they make you a part of the club. You know you’re among friends when you see the familiar logo of your team. They’re also keepsakes. They might have your name printed on the back, or the name of your favourite player. Some people keep their favourite jerseys for years, giving them a vintage appeal. Some even hand these items down to new generations.

You might even have attire that’s been signed by an all-star player, which is always cool (note: we can’t clean autographed items without washing away the signature).

Then there are the mystical properties of course. Let’s not consider what might happen if you aren’t wearing your lucky jersey or cap when your team is playing. Or in the case of the Leafs, maybe we should all try not wearing our memorabilia just to see what happens. Hey, it’s worth a shot!

When clothes are worshipped at this level it’s important to take care of them. This is especially key if you wear these items for every game, or in the case of hats, maybe even every day. So, when the season has ended, or maybe even mid-season bring your jerseys and hats – yes, we do hats – into us for a clean.

Whether it’s the Jays, Leafs, TFC or a non-local team (we won’t judge!) bring your items to us and know that they’ll be treated with the respect that they deserve.

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