September 24, 2012 | Tips & Style

Top 10 Reasons You Should Preserve Your Wedding Dress

Wedding expenses strike fear into the hearts of young couples everywhere. It’s tradition. Frugal brides opt for an off the rack or vintage dress that they can afford to keep, or they select a timeless gown they know they can sell anytime they choose.

A bride whose dream dress is straight off the runway will pretend to consider the thrifty approach, then proceed to max out her credit for that perfect dress in the hopes that someone on eBay will want it after she has spent sufficient time taking bathroom mirror pics with it and wearing it around the house.

Some brides who expect to sell their dresses can get too attached. Defiantly, they stuff the dress in a garment bag in the attic and forget about it until years later, when they discover the crucial difference between keeping a dress and maintaining a dress.

At Parker’s, we specialize in Wedding Gown Preservation, offering free consultations for those newlyweds still on the fence about keeping their gowns.

For those of you still deciding, here are Parker’s Top 10 Reasons You Should Preserve Your Wedding Dress:

1. Dust off the heirloom – If you plan on starting a family, insure that the gown you pass onto your daughter or granddaughter is pristine.

2. Memories, like the corner of my closet – You can only see so much in photographs. Your preserved dress can be laid out and admired, which brings back more memories than a Facebook album.

3. It’s an investment – Plain and simple, a wedding dress is an often pricey investment. Whether you want to re-sell it for the best financial return, or keep it as a sentimental keepsake, it’s important to maintain your investment.

4. Plastic problems – If you choose a plastic gown bag, it will give off plastic chemical fumes that cause yellowing over time. We store our gowns in 100% acid free archival quality boxes to prevent this from happening.

5. Sweat, soda, and wine, oh my! – Every bride perspires, ahem, glows, on her big day. And most have a drink. Even clear drink stains oxidize and turn brown after a while and although sweat dries, it makes the dress brittle over time.

6. The sooner, the better – As with any garment, stain removal is time-sensitive. Visible stains only set as time goes on.

7. Mothballs are stinky and harmful – Depending on your available storage space and the type of container you use, moths may get to your dress. Storing your dress with mothballs will harm the fabric over time, so avoid them at all costs and make sure to check your dress regularly.

8. A friend in need – If a friend is having trouble finding the right dress for her, showing her yours can inspire her. If she’s a close friend on a budget, letting her borrow your perfectly maintained dress is guaranteed good karma.

9. Speaking of good karma… If you just don’t have the space to keep your dress or you’re not the sentimental type, consider getting your dress cleaned and then donating it to an organization like The Bride Project (which gives its proceeds to cancer research).

10. You’ll age well, why shouldn’t your dress? – Ever heard older women brag about being able to fit into their wedding gowns? Keeping yours around and trying it on from time to time is a good way to keep an eye on your waistline, and hey, maybe you can wear it for that re-commitment ceremony your thoughtful spouse will definitely throw in 50 years.

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