February 26, 2013 | News & Updates

Eco-friendly Cleaning Explained

If you’ve browsed around our website, you may have noticed that we take great pride in offering eco-friendly cleaning services in Toronto. Our processes take the earth into consideration and limit harm to the environment while we get your clothing its cleanest.

We have three different ways to clean green, each with their own benefits beyond simply putting your conscience at ease. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to compromise on effectiveness to be eco-friendly!

Green Earth Cleaning

1. GreenEarth Cleaning

This green dry cleaning process uses a silicone-based solvent and has been around since the late 1990s. The substance is comparable to deodorant, but has a very different job! GreenEarth Cleaning is designed to use detergents and the dry cleaning process to remove stains and soil from fabric, but does so without actually “touching” the fibres.

Why we love it: GreenEarth Cleaning doesn’t pollute the water, soil, or air. Oh, and it’s also gentle on fabrics, brightens colours, softens clothing, is completely odourless, and is safe for sensitive skin. I’m sure you can see why we are thrilled to clean with this process!


2. Solvair Cleaning System 

The Solvair Cleaning System, along with being safe for our environment, is a completely heatless process, making it safe for your delicate garments. Parkers was the first dry cleaner in Canada to adopt this technology and we have been amazed by the results we achieve through this process. Solvair uses a biodegradable cleaning liquid to remove dirt and stains and then dries by floating garments in cool liquid C02. This removes the potential for tumbling damage and protects delicate details like buttons and beadwork.


Why we love it: The Solvair Cleaning System doesn’t put anything down the drain, making the process completely eco-friendly. As we mentioned, heatless drying is incredibly gentle, but it also reduces lint by 95%, is odourless, and doesn’t set stains.


3. Wet Cleaning

With wet cleaning, we use special programs on our modern washers and non-toxic, biodegradable detergents to clean your clothing. Using moisture sensitive dryers, we dry the garments to achieve softness, and then press them to retain the original shape of the item.

Why we love it: The best part about wet cleaning is that it’s an efficient way to get better results than at home and it is gentler than washing by hand. Our detergent has been carefully chosen to remain eco-friendly.


We offer three different eco-friendly cleaning processes because, as you can see, each one has its own set of benefits and is suited for different garments. While they may be different, they’ve all got one thing in common: they’re gentle on the environment and incredibly effective.



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