June 7, 2013 | Tips & Style

Staying sophisticated in the summer

Phew! It’s getting hot out there! As the temperature rises, our goal to stay as cool as possible is often fighting against our desire to dress professionally for work. I know that we’re not the only ladies who deal with this. You don’t want to roast on your walk from the subway to meet your client and arrive all sweaty, but you also don’t want to show up in cut-offs and a tank top.

Never fear! We have scoured the blogosphere (and Pinterest, of course) and have found some professional looks you can beat the heat in.

Before we get started, we realize that sweat isn’t your favourite topic, but if you need any stains removed, let us know. We offer dry cleaning services and will even come and pickup your items for free.


Top 3 tips for looking professional in the summer

1. Choose your fabrics wisely. Take a look at the weight and breathability of your fabrics and then think about whether or not you would eat your lunch outside in a Toronto summer while wearing them. If you’re getting warm just thinking about it, choose something lighter and more flowing.


Summer Fabrics

Source: Steven Allen


2. Let the right skin show. Most professional environments would be all right with a knee length skirt, but would frown upon a backless dress. You know your workplace better than we do, but make sure to dress appropriately. One great tip is to style your hair up and off your neck to stay cool.


Summer Fabrics 2

Source: Obaz


3. When in doubt, wear a dress. There are so many beautiful dresses out this season and many of them are the perfect combination of sophisticated and summery. Find a silhouette that works for you and start stocking up!

Summer Fabrics 3

Source: Miss Melissa

Summer Fabrics 4

Source: Miss Melissa


If you need something dry cleaned and don’t want to brave the weather, let us know and we will come and pick it up for free!

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