April 2, 2014 | Tips & Style

The Small Joys: Tips For Kids During A Wedding

We like to talk a lot about weddings here at Parkers. Specifically, we like to talk about what to wear at weddings: gowns, suits, bridesmaid dresses, shoes, veils – you name it! So, imagine our surprise when, in our last editorial meeting, we realized we have been neglecting to talk about one of the most important – and most fun – parts of any wedding celebration: the little ones.

Whether or not they’re there as flower girls and ring bearers, are standing beside you as two families merge into one, or are simply there as guests, having kids at a wedding can be both totally fun and, if we’re honest, a little stressful.

Keeping a few simple tips in mind will go a long way to ensuring that everyone involved, big or little, will be able to enjoy the wedding as much as possible!

1. Choose weather-appropriate wear


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Being too hot or too cold can make or break a day for all of us. If it’s cold and you’re going to be outside, consider thick tights and fur stoles or vests and jackets for the littles. If it’s mid-August, perhaps nix those tights and jackets to avoid overheating. You’ll all be glad you did.


2. Give them options

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Pick out a few choices you would be happy with, let your children try the outfits on, and ask them which one is their favourite. This step won’t guarantee to eliminate a morning meltdown, but chances are your kids will be much happier with the outcome if they get to choose what they’re wearing. If they absolutely hate your dream outfit, will it be worth the fight on the morning of?


3. Look with your hands, not just your eyes

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The last thing anyone wants is to suffer the fate of a scratchy crinoline or a polyester suit that won’t breathe. If you wouldn’t want to feel the lining of that skirt on your legs all day, chances are your flower girl doesn’t want to either. There are lots of totally adorable outfits in comfy, natural fabrics, these days!


4. Make sure the kids go first

Depending on how you structure your photo shoot, consider getting all the shots you want with the littler ones done first. This gives them time to go rest or play, while ensuring that you get photos with them before they hit their nap-time wall.


5. Pack some snacks

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This is actually one of our biggest tips for everyone, no matter the age, but especially if you have kids involved. Try packing a little goodie bag for them to get after the ceremony and include fruit, string cheese, and crackers to hold them over until the reception. It’s easy to forget that between the ceremony and the reception, you might not get a chance to run and grab something if you’re doing photos.


6. Don’t worry!


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Let the kids be kids! Remember that a teary flower girl is still pretty cute and having to coax a shy ring bearer down the aisle is adorable. If they get a bit dirty in that field during photos or spill juice down their front at the reception, remember that we are dry cleaners and will be here to clean up the mess afterwards. The less you stress about the little things, the more you’ll able to enjoy the day.

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