July 2, 2014 | Tips & Style

Inspired by: Ombré

Who else remembers a few seasons ago when you couldn’t look to the left or the right without seeing someone with freshly ombréd hair? The look completely exploded almost overnight and we were sold immediately. Chances are at some point in the last two years you have either had or have known someone who had ombré hair. It was everywhere (including on our own heads!).

Well, it turns out the trend has a bit more longevity to it than some may have initially expected it to. This season, we’re feeling a bit of déjà vu, as everywhere we turn, we are seeing ombré still; only this time, it’s in textiles! (Ok, and quite a few heads of hair still – but we’re okay with that.)

From house décor to clothing, ombré is turning heads once again this season. If you’re like us and loved the trend right away a couple years ago, but feel like you’ve “been there, done that”, perhaps this summer is the perfect time to re-incorporate the ombré look into your life with textiles. We personally think its casual, faded, carefree essence is just the right fit for summer.

For all of us who love photos, here are some of our favourite ways that ombré is making a major comeback this year. As you will notice, this year, we are heavily influenced by blue-green tones – perhaps due our proximity to beach days!












Design Lump


Ok, this next one is technically not ombré, but the colours do make an ombré effect and in the spirit of the trend, how beautiful would this look enlarged and framed?


Bree Madden

Do you love the ombré look? Where do you prefer it? In your hair, home or closet? Let us know! @ParkersCleaners

As a side note, textiles that depend on colour perfection to look the way they’re intended, like ombré, should be well taken care of. If you need any help with household fabric care or clothing care, get in touch with us!


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