July 28, 2014 | Tips & Style

Shorts Vs. Rolled Pants

It’s a commonly believed fashion myth that men have fewer options than women when it comes to looking good year-round. Men nationwide seem to resign themselves to surfer apparel when the warm weather hits, even if their cooler weather styles feature more oxfords and pullovers than flip-flops and nylon shorts. While sandal and swim shorts are perfect for a day at the lake or weekend at the cabin, what about the rest of the week?

Don’t believe the myth that there are no options out there for you, men; there are options – and lots of them!

Today, we are focusing on something we’ve heard many men debate: whether or not shorts are ever a good idea as more than beach wear. We’re dry cleaners in Toronto, so we know that this city can get mighty hot in the summer. No one should have to suffer in slacks when all you want to do is show off those calves you’ve spent the winter working out!

Because we all know that what you wear on your lower half has a huge transformative effect on the rest of your outfit, pairing the same t-shirt with a different pair of pants or shorts changes your look entirely.  In the same vein, the shoes you wear can set the tone of your whole outfit – and in this case, move you from spring into summer with one simple choice: socks or no socks.

To jump straight to the point, our two favourite summer fashion options for men are the rolled-cuff pant or a good pair of shorts. When and where you wear each of these is up to you, but we have a few tips below to help you figure out which is the best option for you today.


When should you wear rolled pants and when should you wear shorts?


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1. If you’re going to be out late – pants

Both these outfits have the same casual, yet put-together vibe, thanks to a good pair of shoes, no socks, and long sleeves (the blazer and the button-up bring a relaxed and yet polished feel). If you want an outfit that translates seamlessly from day to night, however, the rolled pants may be the choice for you. In the same way you can dress up a pair of shorts, remember you can dress down a pair of pants with a more casual top.



Now Bond, Layman’s Fashion

2. Start with colour!

Bottoms are a great place to experiment with colour; we are big fans of bold shorts and pants, especially in the summer. These pants could work both in a casual office setting or out running errands. While the shorts are better suited for a day off, you could throw a blazer on and you’ve got a great weekend in the Hamptons look (we all go to the Hamptons on the weekends, right?). Whichever you choose, try inserting some colour into your wardrobe this summer.



Soletopia, Scout Sixteen

3. If you need to play it safe, go for khaki

Khaki is a mainstay during the summer for most of us. Again, perfect for a day at the office, these rolled cuffs transition quickly into your evening off/day off by losing the socks and highlighting your awesome shoes. These shorts, by keeping a clean line and losing the side pockets often associated with khaki shorts, look a bit to us like our next favourite purchase (or a serious hint to our significant other). Incredibly versatile, the shorts can be paired down (as seen above) or dressed up with the right shirt/shoe combination.


However you choose to style yourself this summer, keep in mind that we are clothing care experts. You don’t have to worry about wearing your good clothes out and about anymore; go to that picnic, head to the beach, and look your best while doing it, because we can figure the stains out for you later!


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