October 30, 2014 | Tips & Style

White, Way Past Labour Day

You know that old saying, that you shouldn’t wear any white after Labour Day? It’s one of fashion’s most well known adages, but is anyone really buying it anymore? Probably some people, but the blogging research we conducted this week shows that those of us who are asking why now greatly outnumber the people who seem to know why.

And so, out with the old and in with the new, we say! We feel that regardless of where the old rule came from, if anyone is left this month wondering whether to shelve that cream cover-up, hear us enthusiastically suggest: No! While there is an absolute summery appeal to white, the shade is actually, rather quintessentially wintery. After all, whenever you’re in doubt about what season white belongs in, all you have to do is look at a picture of the snow and there’s your answer!

In all of its shades and seasons, white works and we are willing to fight for its right to brighten up our winters. For the next few months, join us in throwing caution to the wind and making up the rules as we go!

Here are some of the looks that are inspiring us to stay on the lighter side this coming fall and winter:

worldinapapercup.jpg  colormecourtney.png
World in a Paper CupColor Me Courtney


Paris for the Day, How I Wear


A Plane Ride Away


Senor Tyrone


Now, it’s possible that people stopped wearing so much white after Labour Day because the weather changes mean that things can get dirty just by walking down the street. Rainy days may mean mud spraying up on your legs and slushy sidewalks can be hard to navigate. However, what we have now that they didn’t have back then are convenient ways to clean that clothing.

Don’t let the mud scare you away from wearing something really great this fall or winter.  At Parkers Custom Clothing Care, we can help keep your whites looking, well, white!

If you’re interested in the origins of the old rule, check out this article from TIME online magazine. It offers some interesting and unique perspectives on where this saying may have come from.

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