January 30, 2015 | Tips & Style

Home Textiles: What’s Keeping Us Warm?

You’ve made it through January. Congratulations! Unfortunately, the weather lately has reminded that there is still a whole lot more winter left. Sorry about that. For us, the holiday season feels like the peak of our winter… but we quickly realize that after the New Year’s (sparkly) dust has settled, there is still so much winter left to go!

Thank goodness we Torontonians are used to this sort of thing! Bundling up is second nature to us, both indoors and outdoors. We’ve shared posts in the past on how we like to stay warm outside (scarves, knits, and outerwear), so we thought it was time to share our favourite ways to keep warm inside!

We’re talking about blankets! The height of comfy coziness on a cold winter’s eve is the blanket. Whether a big fluffy faux fur throw, a knitted afghan, or a beautiful quilt, there is just nothing that says “home” quite like wrapping yourself up in your favourite blanket.

Some of our coziest blankets this year have been:

1. (Faux) fur throws



West Elm

2. BIG knits




3. Plaid, plaid, flannel and plaid

Design Sponge



Hudson Interior Designs


4. Woven wonders


Interiors from the Attic


Urban Outfitters

Moroccan Tribal

And while we’re talking about it already, do you mind if we ask: how often do you clean those throw blankets? Not surprisingly, blankets, coverlets, throws and the like are some of the most forgotten should-be-cleaned-regularly items in a household! Why not start the year off on a good foot and give your blankets a bit of TLC? Bring them in to us to be professionally cleaned, and we will give them back to you packaged nicely in a breathable bag – perfect for storage once we get through the rest of these cold snaps!

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