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Cleaning Up Underfoot

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If you have ever lived in a home sans carpeting, you know the absolute joy and necessity of a really good rug. While carpeting ensures toasty tootsies year round and provides a softer space to land (important if you ever have a toddler hanging around your home), we find ourselves drawn more and more towards other flooring options. Can anything truly beat hardwood, aesthetically speaking?

The only trouble is that waking up early on any given winter morning and landing your feet directly onto said hardwood floors is just downright cruel to your feet. Or, having said toddler around and realizing that wood, laminate, and tile floors are pretty slippery.

So, we offer a hearty “Thank you!” to rug-makers worldwide and start scouring Pinterest for more rugs.


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However, as any rug owner knows, there will come a day when you look down and wonder to yourself, “How long has it been since this thing got cleaned?” Specks of dirt suddenly refuse to be vacuumed up, the colours seem a bit dull, and the pile seems a bit packed down. If and when you find yourself in this place, we’re here for you.

Our rug cleaning service will keep your rugs as fresh as possible and since we’re professional home textile cleaners, we know how to make sure that the colours stay true.

So, how often should you get your rugs professionally cleaned?

Thank you for asking! This is going to depend on what kind of rug you have, but in general it is a good idea to have a professional cleaning (we trust you to vacuum and spot-clean on a semi-regular basis) at least once a year! Of course, this also all depends on the amount of traffic your rug sees. If there are children or pets in the home, if you smoke inside or host a lot of events where food and other organics may find their way into the pile of your rug, or if your rug is in a particularly high-traffic or ‘dirty’ location (i.e. a kids room, or in the living room where you host a lot of movie nights), you could consider increasing the number of professional cleanings to twice a year.

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As dirt finds its way deeper into the rug, it begins to cut into the rug’s fibres, which is why high-traffic areas begin to flatten and even mat. By reducing wear to the pile, regular cleanings help to prolong the life of those wonderful rugs you’ve come to love! One of our methods is particularly gentle, using the Host ® dry extraction system to clean your area rugs without water. No water means dimensional integrity is maintained and your colours stay true. Depending on the rug, we might use a method with water, but our experts will analyze each rug to ensure that the proper technique is applied.

As we’ve mentioned in the past (and will say many more times), you might think that spring is the time to clean, but considering how many hours we will all spend indoors this winter, we are all about fall cleaning. And since not a lot of us have a ton of time to roll up our rugs and drive them to the cleaners, we have a pick-up and delivery service just for you. Give us a call at 1-877-SINCE-76 (746-2376) or schedule a pick-up online and your rugs will be back under your feet before you know it!

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