March 18, 2016 | Tips & Style

To Green, With Love

March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb. – Old English Proverb

At first glance, March doesn’t always seem like the jewel that she is. I mean, this is a month that is described as coming in “like a lion” – not the most peaceful metaphor, is it? But take a little longer, look a little deeper, and you will find that March is home to some very wonderful things. Things like Daylight Savings Time where we spring forward to get more hours of sunlight. Why, yes, please! How about flowers budding? The first day of spring? Green leaves, cherry blossoms, Spring Break, and St. Patrick’s Day? We are fans of all of them!

So, when we hear that a bride is planning her wedding in this misunderstood month, we get it. It might not be everyone’s first choice, but we believe that it is actually a great choice. You get to plan a springtime wedding (Think: bright colours and beautiful florals) – which feels so great after a long winter. Plus, you get to plan a honeymoon in the “off-season” (Think: seat sales). And although weather can be unpredictable, it also means that nothing is off limits. Long sleeves, short skirts, or both – they all work well and look appropriate in this in-between season.

Not to mention, some of the most beautiful wedding photos we have ever seen have been taken on stormy days and while this is probably not what most brides get excited about, it can be a bit of comfort when looking at dismal weather forecasts!

In honour of all of the spring weddings to come, we have dedicated this post to the quintessential springtime colour: green. Green has long been symbolic of new life and along that vein, we view it as symbolic of good things to come.

Kind of the perfect colour to wear at a wedding, when you think about it.





For the boldest among us, this incredible bridal gown might serve as the ultimate inspiration…

And for all the men unafraid of colour, we certainly don’t want you to feel left out!



If you find yourself planning a wedding this spring, don’t let the uncertainty of rain or shine deter you. There is so much good to be had this time of year – and most importantly, if you walk away from the ceremony joined together, in sickness and in health, it was a successful and wonderful wedding! Should your dress or suit get a little weathered out in the storm, or even just a bit sweaty from a great dance party, our clothing care specialists will make sure the only remaining evidence is in the photos you take.

Wedding gown preservation and suit cleaning are not just two of our specialties; they are some of the most important tasks to add onto your wedding to-do list! Sweat and stains that aren’t visible on your wedding day will begin to show if left too long. We suggest coming in as soon as possible to make sure none of those stains stick. You could even schedule for us to come and pick them up!


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