April 13, 2016 | Tips & Style

Work Wear, Whoa!

Ladies, can we be honest for a moment? Lately, we have been feeling in a bit of a style rut, work-wear-wise. As you know, winter is long in these parts and it is starting to feel as though we’ve worn the same turtleneck to work for about 3 months now. Ok, the same two turtlenecks, but you get the idea. While the freezing temperatures we just experienced have us feeling like those turtlenecks might stick around just a little longer, there is never any harm in expanding one’s horizons!

So, we did a bit of inspiration hunting the other day and it truly didn’t take long before we remembered how fun it could possibly be to dress for work. That’s right, we said fun! Sure, that wouldn’t be the first word to pop into our minds when our alarm rings, but when the truth is that we wear our work clothes more than anything else in our closet, so we have got to find a way to make them fun, interesting, and a fantastic reflection of our #girlboss selves!

We have felt a tendency in the past to sit in one extreme or the other; either we dress in those work pants (you know exactly what I am talking about: plain, polyester, terribly unflattering), completely void of our winning personalities or we try too hard to straddle the line between weekend and workweek in an effort to maintain some of our personal style. Neither option is very effective, as it turns out.

(If you’ve ever asked yourself if anyone will notice those are black yoga pants, the answer is unfortunately “yes”; trust us – we did the asking for you.)

To help us find our center, our happy-medium, here are a few simple tips we can all keep in mind as we find our way out of this rut and into our professional fashion sweet spot.

Keep it Clean

Let’s start this off by stating the obvious: clean clothes are better clothes. This is true on any given day of the week, of course, but it rings especially true during the workweek when you want to put your best foot forward. While the clothes most certainly do not “make the [wo]man”, and what you have to offer your industry goes far beyond how you look, looking professional and presentable goes a long, long way.

*We offer pick up and delivery for all our dry cleaning services, including our blouse and camisole cleaning. Our professional clothing care experts will ensure your blouses, camisoles and other pieces of work apparel are cleaned, pressed and ready for you – whether you need it for work or play.

Playing with Pattern

A super quick way to create visual interest with your outfit is to play around with pattern mixing. If you’re not sure where to start with this, remember that as long as the colours coordinate, the patterns are probably going to work, as well. Go subtle like the outfit above, or go big like the one below. The possibilities are beautiful.

Bold is Beautiful

We are the first to admit that we are guilty of opting for what we call the “classics” (black, white or grey). The versatility is incredibly alluring, however we are constantly trying to embrace brighter colours and bolder shades. Statement pieces add spice to an otherwise “flexible” wardrobe and allow us to all move out of the background, shining brightly as we go.


Buy Intentionally

Our favourite piece of advice for anyone buying clothes, for any event or reason is this: be intentional about what you purchase. Your clothing is an investment and we think it should be a good one. When you’re in a store (or an online one) think about the item you’re holding (or have in your cart). Will you be able to wear it multiple ways? Is it something you’re going to want to reach for or are you going to be hard pressed to make it work? Be honest with yourself, buying only things that truly make sense for your wardrobe and for how you want to present yourself each day. It’s our experience that there is less “dressing stressing” and more excitement come 7 a.m. Wednesday morning if you’ve purchased intentionally.


And again, because your clothes are an investment, we recommend treating them like it. Check the tags and if your new blouse requires a bit of extra care, we are ready to make sure it receives the proper treatment! Check out our free dry cleaning pick up and delivery service if you need some dry cleaning done. We’re happy to help!

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