August 5, 2016 | Tips & Style

The Key to a Cozy Patio

We’re happy to report that though the fall is quickly approaching, we are still hanging right in our city’s sweet spot of warm enough to wear shorts, but cool enough to eat outdoors and not risk melting in the process. Isn’t it lovely? We’re going to go right ahead and pretend that our city would never dream of delivering us anything but mild weather and carry on with our summer dreams.

If you’ve been reading our blog this summer, you’ll remember that we love eating al fresco and even did an entire round-up of our favourite picnic blankets. But our love of lounging outdoors is perhaps best illustrated by a meal on a perfectly designed home patio. Equal parts comfort and function can make coming home from work and eating a quick meal on the patio a major treat.


To us, the number one trick for making an outdoor space beautiful is to add in little comforts from the indoors with fabric. You might be thinking, “Fabric outdoors is a nightmare!” but we’ve got your back. You certainly don’t want to be bringing out your cashmere throw and leaving it draped over a chair until morning, but weather resistant fabrics, sturdy rugs, and a few cozy items to bring in once the night is over will turn a standard outdoor sitting area into your personal resort.

You don’t believe us? Well, here are a couple more pieces of inspiration to prove our point.

The other way to have a successful cozy outdoor area is by getting to know your friendly neighbourhood fabric care specialists! We understand that outdoor fabrics are going to see a little more wear and tear and that you won’t have them cleaned every time they have a small spot, but when you need a solid cleaning, we’re here for you. Bring your rugs, throw pillows, or blankets to us and we will work our magic. Heck, we’ll even come and get them for you with our pick up and delivery service at no additional charge to save you lugging your outdoor fabrics around the city.

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