December 23, 2016 | Tips & Style

Suit up for the New Year

New Year’s Eve is the perfect time to take a fashion risk, if you ask us, especially if you’re a guy. Our favourite way for men to step out of their comfort zone during a formal event is with a non-traditional suit. We’re talking a burgundy coloured suit or velvet lapel tux. Anything that you would feel a tad over-the-top in if it weren’t the final moments of 2016 and the first ones of 2017 is exactly what you should be wearing.

These are the kinds of outfits you will see a photo of decades from now and immediately remember the night you wore it. And who wouldn’t want to ring in the new year like that?! A couple of days ago, we posted about some New Year’s Eve glamour for the ladies, but in this post, it’s all about the guys.

As a friendly reminder, in those early days of January, you’re going to want your suit or tux dry cleaned properly. Save the hassle and schedule your pick up now. We’ll come and grab your suit at no extra cost and will deliver it back to you looking its sharpest.

And then when in doubt, channel your inner celebrity and rock a black velvet suit like Ryan Gosling.

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