February 9, 2017 | Tips & Style

How to Style Your Winter Jacket

February tends to be the month when Torontonians have had enough of winter and start getting, well, a little antsy. Don’t feel bad if this is you. We have our winter antsy moments too. It’s just that we’ve been dealing with this weather for months now and miss things like green grass, open toe shoes, and frappuccinos.

So, we spent some time thinking about why we don’t feel excited about winter in February when we were so jazzed about it in November. Remember how thrilled we were when we got to pull out our chunky knit sweaters, blanket scarves, and thermal socks? Obviously, too much of anything can become tiresome, but one of the big reasons we are over winter is that we feel like when we leave the house in the morning, we look exactly the same from day to day. The necessity of a winter coat is clear and we love our Canada Goose jackets, but we’re also lovers of variety and being able to look somewhat different each day.

We know that we’re not the only ones, so we’ve put together a handy list of ways to spice up your winter uniform. We hope that it gives you the stamina you need to finish the winter race strong.

3 ways to style your winter jacket


We typically don’t leave coats undone because we can hear our moms in the back of our minds saying that we’ll catch a cold if we don’t do them up. As adults, we can also recognize that doing up your jacket simply keeps you warmer, but you can cheat this by wearing a nice warm scarf that covers up anywhere your open jacket doesn’t. It’ll give some layering interest and will break up the all-jacket-all-the-time feel.


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Mix up your look by wearing your big winter jacket with a super feminine skirt paired with thigh high boots instead of pants. You’ll automatically feel more dressed up while still remaining protected from the elements.


Sometimes the best thing to do is to lean into winter and allow your jacket to set the tone for your outfit of the day. We love this all black énsemble, especially with the faux leather leggings.


If your Canada Goose jacket or your winter coat looks a little tired of winter too, schedule for Parkers Custom Clothing Care to come and pick it up for a cleaning at no extra charge. We have a non-toxic process that will clean up your down jacket while maintaining waterproof properties and keeping your warranty intact.

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