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Eco-friendly Brides

Happy Belated Earth Day! We hope that you had a great time celebrating this beautiful earth and that perhaps you learned a few new ways to live an eco-friendly lifestyle. That’s always what we find about Earth Day: all of the articles our friends post on Facebook give us new ideas for how to reduce our footprint in our daily lives.

One of the articles we really liked this year was talking about a favourite Parkers Custom Clothing Care topic: weddings!

Brides.com enlisted the help of some of fashion’s most eco-forward brands to chat about how couples can make sure that their weddings are as eco-friendly as possible.

“Throughout my years in fashion, I saw firsthand the overwhelming amount of pollution created by the industry and knew that I had to make a change and help break this cycle,” stated Reformation founder Yael Aflalo. “Our mission at Reformation is to lead and inspire a sustainable way to be fashionable. We seek to change the way that people think about fashion by showing that it can be eco-friendly without sacrificing style. We want to lead a movement towards a world where sustainable manufacturing is the status quo.”

The H&M Conscious team has also been hard at work developing new ways to incorporate sustainability into their products:

“Our new sustainable material for this season, BIONIC yarn, is made with plastic recovered from shorelines, waterways and coastal communities protecting the oceans from plastic pollution. Our goal is to every year increase the share of sustainable fabrics in our total material use.”

Now that we know who were the ones giving the advice, here are their quick tips for keeping the earth in mind while choosing your wedding gown.

3 tips for choosing an eco-friendly wedding gown

1. Choose vintage, recycled, or Tencel fabrics
2. Go vintage for your entire dress
3. Find yourself a great tailor


All three of these tips for an eco-friendly wedding gown are excellent ways to keep the earth in mind as you plan your nuptials, but we are especially glad to see number three on the list. Parkers Custom Clothing Care offers expert tailoring services at many of our locations, so you can feel comfortable buying that beautiful vintage dress that just needs a little tailoring to fit you like a glove. 

And remember, once your wedding day is over, we’ll clean and preserve your wedding gown too! Plus, for every gown we clean, Parkers Custom Clothing Care donates to Carbon Fund to help offset our own carbon usage.

(Speaking of the earth, have you read about the eco-friendly clothing care options we offer? Learn all about our Green Cleaning Options!)

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