April 28, 2017 | News & Updates

Inspired by: Embroidery

It’s like clockwork. As soon as we start seeing blossoms on trees, we become obsessed with florals. This year, that obsession is coming in the form of embroidery and we can’t get enough.

Historically, people have been embroidering since the first century and a lot of the stitches in early embroidery are still used today. Now, we see it in everything from the logo on a Blue Jays baseball cap to intricately embroidered wedding gowns (and you know how we feel about wedding gowns). Using thread to create designs builds interest and gives a garment an immediate sense that it’s special and worthy of attention.

Speaking of attention, here are a few of the the gorgeous embroidery pieces we’ve been loving.



As with anything special, embroidery requires special care. At Parkers Custom Clothing Care, we evaluate every garment individually, deciding which of our cleaning processes will be best suited for the item. We pay extra attention to delicate details like beadwork and embroidery to ensure that your garment is returned to you looking just like it was dropped off – only a whole lot cleaner.

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