May 29, 2017 | Tips & Style

3 Items You Need to Clean More than Once a Year

We try not to harp on spring cleaning too much, but we wouldn’t be good dry cleaners if we didn’t post anything about it. If you’ve been following our textiles and clothing care blog for a while, you might remember that we usually talk more about fall cleaning than we do spring cleaning because it’s the time of year when everyone spends a ton of time indoors and a clean indoor space is a happy one.

That being said, most of the items you associate with annual cleaning should actually be done twice a year – spring and fall. We don’t mean to add work to your already busy life, but we care about your well being and some of these items contribute to household allergens. Plus, you’ll quickly see that we’ll help with the chores!

Bright bedroom with light airy curtains and a soft purple rug


Your pillows need to head to the dry cleaner at least twice a year. Just think about how many hours you spend on that pillow in six months and you’ll probably agree that your hardworking pillow is due for some care.

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Window Treatments

Even though luxurious window treatments are often our favourite design elements in a home, they can also be a favourite among dust mites.  Regular cleanings can help keep allergens at bay and keep your air nice and fresh. We’ll even come over to your place and clean your window treatments on site. It’s that easy!


Lots of people clean their rugs regularly at home, which is great for the surface dirt, but rugs are on this list because they need at least two really deep cleans every year. Thankfully, you don’t need to lug your giant rugs into your car and haul them over to a Parkers Custom Clothing Care location in order to knock this task off of your to-do list. Just schedule a pick up and we’ll take care of the transport at no extra charge.

See? We promised that we would help with your spring cleaning! Yes, your pillows, window treatments, and rugs all need to be cleaned at least twice a year, but that could be as easy as scheduling a pickup. Don’t forget: sign up for our Email Savings Club and get coupons for household textile cleaning this month.

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