June 28, 2017 | News & Updates

O’ Canadian Designers!

In our 150 years as a country, we can boast about a lot of things; however, we typically try not to – we’re polite like that. But our birthday is coming up and we’re feeling like now’s a great time to put some Canadian talent in the spotlight. In the coming days, there will be lots of people talking about famous Canadians as we get closer to celebrating Canada 150 all over the country, but here at Parkers Custom Clothing Care, we wanted to mention a specific group of awesome Canadians: our Canadian fashion designers.

Even though Toronto Fashion Week closed up shop last year, that certainly wasn’t the end of Canadian fashion! We’re proud to call many incredible designers our own and thought that today was a great day to highlight just a few of our current favourites. While there are many to choose from, these three have been inspiring us with their show stopping gowns (and you know that we can’t resist a beautiful gown).

3 Canadian Designers We Adore

Shelli Oh

We have been obsessed with this Shelli Oh dress and can’t help but envision it as a wedding gown! Summer brides, you’re with us, right?

Stephan Caras

It feels like we are seeing designs from the Stephan Caras fashion house everywhere, this summer – especially at the Country Music Awards! We’ve been admirers for a while and this stunning gown is no exception.

Michael Zoffranieri

You may have noticed that we are drawn to designers either designing for weddings or creating the kinds of gowns we could see walking down the aisle even if that wasn’t their intent. Michael Zoffranieri actually does custom wedding gowns, so if you’ve been wondering whether you could have a couture wedding gown made in Canada, the answer is yes! We chose this specific Instagram post because we loved the Canada shout out!

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