June 20, 2017 | News & Updates

This One’s for the Dads

Unless you didn’t check social media at all over the last couple of days, you’ll know that it was Father’s Day on Sunday. Our feeds were blowing up with adorable photos of kids and their dads along with beautiful tributes to father figures everywhere. Unfortunately, we didn’t see a whole lot of the same superlatives directed at these dads’ fashion senses – an error that must be rectified!

Now, we know that dads can be stylish. Heck, we’ve cleaned many awesome suits that prove this fact, but it’s time for the world to start associating fatherhood with fashion! In order to do that, we’ve collected three of our favourite simple dad looks marking three very different dad moments – because dads deserve to look great no matter the occasion.

The Father-of-the ______ Moment

Dads get off easy when it comes to wedding attire. Mothers tend to feel like they have a lot of rules (we posted a handy list to help!), but dads really only have two questions to answer “Yes!” to. Am I wearing a nice suit? Does the suit fit me really, really well? There are always exceptions, which the bride or groom would instruct on, but a well fitting suit is a sure thing for a father of the bride or groom.

Summer Birthdays, BBQs, and Beach Day Moments

A lot happens in the summer and dads need to be well equipped to handle all of it. Chasing kids on the beach, grilling up burgers, or snapping photos of cake smashes all call for some shorts. As long as your shorts are within an inch or two of your knees, you’re usually good to go! Also, we can’t get over how cute this dad is matching with his daughter on her first birthday.

The Daily Dad Moments

Taking your kid out to run errands, grab lunch, or just go for a walk obviously doesn’t actually require any fashion instruction, but if you’re wondering why some Instagram dads can make fatherhood look easy, it’s all in the simplicity and fit. A white t-shirt and jeans can be all you need as long as the shirt fits well, is good quality, and is clean (at least to start with). The same goes for jeans: fit and quality will help you look put together even if you’re a new dad and are running on very little sleep.

Before we go, now is a good time to remind you that if you’re going to be a father of the bride or groom this year, a well fitting suit or tux is a must. We offer expert tailoring services in the GTA, so check out our Parkers Custom Clothing Care locations to find a great tailor to help you become the stylish father we always knew you could be.



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