July 19, 2017 | News & Updates

Why preserve your wedding gown?

pro-image-photography-126737You’ve spent countless hours clicking around Pinterest for inspiration, booking shopping appointments, and attending fittings to make sure that your wedding gown is perfect. Maybe you’ve chosen a delicate vintage lace mermaid gown or a show stopping full skirted tulle ballgown. Whatever wedding gown you walk down the aisle in, we’ve been around long enough to know that this isn’t just a dress.

But after the big day ends, how should you treat this special garment?

The short answer to this question is that you don’t have to worry about how to take care of your wedding gown. You only need to worry about choosing a reliable wedding gown cleaning and preservation specialist. We know that it sounds a little obvious, but considering the horror stories of people ruining their wedding gowns by trying to clean them at home (or not cleaning them at all), it’s worth mentioning.

Here are the three biggest reasons why you need to have your wedding gown cleaned and preserved properly.


White fabric isn’t best friends with father time. Unfortunately, oxygen will yellow fabrics over time and this is especially true with anything in the white family. Even if you chose a lovely blush or cream dress, the fabric will still begin to yellow over time, so having your dress placed in a specially designed dress box will limit its exposure to oxygen and will keep it looking its true shade a lot longer.

Invisible Stains

Most brides know that if their 6 foot train was gliding across an outdoor aisle, they will need to bring their dress in to be professionally cleaned. If the ceremony and reception were both indoors and she managed to keep everyone’s red wine away from her gown, a bride will occasionally think that her dress doesn’t need to be cleaned. Trust us, a post-wedding gown is never clean. Sugar stains (think: cake, white wine) will yellow as time goes on, as will sweat stains (but busting out your choreographed Uptown Funk routine was worth it). The simple fix is to have your wedding gown cleaned by someone certified as a wedding gown cleaning specialist.

Future Plans

Your wedding gown will have a life after your wedding day. Whether your future daughter wishes to wear it one day (or incorporate part of it into a new gown) or you simply need to move houses and don’t want to ruin your dress, properly preserving your wedding gown will ensure that it becomes the family heirloom you had in mind when you chose it. When preserved, a wedding gown is stored on a body form and in an acid free box so that transporting the dress through the years won’t cause problems.

Now that you’re well-versed in why wedding gowns need to be cleaned and preserved, you’re probably curious about how it happens. Next post, we’re going to get into some detail about what happens to your wedding gown when it’s being cleaned and preserved.

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