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Back To School Uniform Tailoring

It’s August, so you’re probably starting to think about collecting pencils, erasers, calculators, backpacks, rulers, and anything else your kids need to survive the year. Maybe you’re ahead of the game and have already begun crossing items off of that dreaded school supplies list or have started taking stock of your kids’ clothing, sorting out the too small or too worn items. If you are, kudos!

We find that, often, the most stressful part of prepping for back to school is, in fact, the clothing. Kids grow so quickly and a skirt that fit well two months ago might now be way too short to pass their school’s dress code. If even the thought of back to school shopping is giving you anxiety, this post is for you.

The number one way we think that you can alleviate some back to school clothing stress is to remember the magic of a tailor. Today, we’re focusing specifically on how a tailor can give a school uniform a longer life, but a lot of these rules also apply to normal clothing.


Take a pant or skirt hem up or down. If this is the semester you’re purchasing something new, make sure that it’s a little too long, knowing that a tailor can adjust the hem to fit perfectly this semester and then can let it down if your child grows.

Adjusting sleeve length. Tired of seeing your kids’ sleeves tattered or super dirty because they are just plain too long? A tailor can shorten sleeves and then can let them back out when your child grows.

Tightening or loosening a waistband. One of the toughest parts about kids clothing is that kids don’t necessarily grow at the same rate. Your child may have had a height growth spurt and needs longer pants, but still has a small waist. Tailors can ensure that those pants stay put by taking the waist in.

Tailoring the sides of a dress or shirt. If your child’s school uniform makes them look a little box-like because of the size they need, a tailor can help take in the sides to fit properly. Again, most tailoring of kids clothing can be reversed, but double check with your tailor to make sure that when your child grows, you can take the adjustments back out.

As you get ready for back to school, keep Parkers Custom Clothing Care in mind for your tailoring. We offer expert tailoring at many of our clothing care locations.

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