September 15, 2017 | Tips & Style

Inspired by: Red Plaid

Thanks to Instagram, what comes to mind when someone says “Fall” is usually limited to pumpkin spice lattes, changing leaves, and red plaid. Sure, we could complain about it and remind you that fall is also the time of year for jean jackets and great boots or that a nice glass of scotch warms you up a lot quicker than a PSL, but you’ll never, ever catch us complaining about plaid.

Plaid has a wonderful knack for making even the most put together person look a little more friendly and we doubt you’ll argue that most Canadians have at least one plaid item in their closet. It might even be the law up here. One of the most common red plaids, called buffalo plaid, is said to have origins in fur trading with the Scottish, but these days, any red plaid is indicative of fall.

Whether wearing a luxurious poncho or just your favourite button-up, red plaid is undeniably part of autumn’s uniform. Here are just a few examples of this seasonal look in action!


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