November 16, 2017 | News & Updates

Survive the Cold with Scarves and Toques

With our first dusting of snow behind us, it feels like Toronto is finally bracing itself for winter. Coats seem like they got bigger overnight and although the temperatures have gone up a tiny bit since then, we’re all pulling our warmest clothing out of storage in a hurry.

At the top of the list of winter essentials are scarves and hats. If you can keep your neck and head warm, you’ll have an easier time standing on that streetcar platform or even waiting for your car to warm up.

There are lots of options when it comes to scarves and hats, but today, we’re sticking with the classics. Yes, that means a nice knitted scarf and a toque. In our opinion, nothing beats that combo.

Most people tend to think of hats and scarves as external accessories, but the truth is that your scarf touches your mouth a lot and your toque has probably covered up more than a few unwashed hair days. This means that they need to be cleaned. We don’t want to gross you out, but think of how often you’ve had a cold and were breathing all over your scarf. A proper cleaning is a must.

Depending on what your scarves and toques are made out of, they might be okay with hand washing, but once you get into wool territory, sending your scarves and hats to a clothing care specialist is your best bet. Thankfully, we’re going to be sending our Email Savings Club members a coupon this month for scarf and hat cleanings, so make sure you sign up in our sidebar and start receiving your monthly coupons.

Until then, we want to inspire you with some winter fashion made complete by some stellar scarf and toque combos .

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