April 14, 2018 | Tips & Style

Wedding Looks for the Groom

Some may say that men have it easy in the wedding fashion department. Toss on a tux and call it a day. But for those gents who believe that they have just as much of a right to make a wedding fashion statement as the bride does (we agree!), options are nice. We will admit that the selection is a little smaller and the parameters are a little narrower, but men can still make some stylish choices on their wedding day.

We tend to see men’s wedding fashion in three categories: traditional, casual, and fashion-forward. There are major advantages to each one of these styles and situations where one is particularly appropriate, but men, it’s your day too. You should feel amazing in your wedding attire! That might mean that you want to wear a formal tux or it might mean that you want to be in a casual wool suit. The most important thing is that you feel great (and that you also look great standing next to your bride).


Few arguments, if any, can be made against a classic tux or a formal suit for a wedding. Your wedding day is important and wearing a tuxedo is a clear way to demonstrate that you are giving the day the respect it deserves. You’ll feel like James Bond and you’ll definitely be the best dressed man at the wedding.

Pro tip: get your suit or tux professionally tailored. A tux only looks as good as its tailoring.


If your wedding is less candlelit cathedral and more beach at sunset, choosing a casual wedding look might be right for you. You’ll have lots of room to show off your personality and if you’re not an overly formal person, you might feel more comfortable in a non-tux option.

Pro tip: casual doesn’t mean sloppy, so take the time to put together a high-quality outfit that fits you properly.


This is your day too! If you like to express yourself with bold fashion choices, your wedding day is a perfect moment to wear something exciting and eye-catching. Unless your bold choice is to wear a wedding dress, you’re not going to upstage the bride, so go ahead and select something you love!

Pro tip: run your outfit choice by the bride so that you’re not catching her off-guard and so that she can give you the go-ahead that you will complement each other in photos. This isn’t the time to surprise her.

As with every wedding outfit, proper tailoring, cleaning, and pressing can make or break the look. Grooms should love how they look on their wedding day, so take the extra time and energy to find something you feel amazing in and then prepare the garments for the big day. At Parkers Custom Clothing Care, we offer expert tailoring services (along with dry cleaning and pressing, of course), so you can be sure that you will look your best on your big day.

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