June 5, 2018 | News & Updates

Inspired by: Spring Greys

Big cities like Toronto and New York sometimes get a bad rap, with arguably unflattering descriptions like “concrete jungle” used to emphasize that its residents see a little less sunlight than those in the country. In the spring, this can be especially true with a few extra rainy or cloudy days than normal, but when that sun is out and it’s patio time, the city becomes magic. While our spring hasn’t been pretty good, this year (and we’ve already had a couple of patio moments), we still feel the need to defend our grey days and turn them into inspiration.

Because what’s wrong with a little grey? A beautifully grey day is the perfect excuse to cuddle up inside with a book and a cup of tea and you can’t tell me that wandering among the concrete behemoths downtown don’t leave you with a sense of awe.

Grey has been trending in home décor for years now as a new neutral and is a subtle alternative for those who usually opt for all-black ensembles. Just like this city, grey provides an ideal backdrop to create from.

This love of grey has lead us to seek out some fresh spring fashion inspiration. Instead of florals and bright colours, this round-up is more focused on those fashionistas who keep it simple and know how to use our pal, grey.

Anna Argiropoulos capitalizes on the pink and grey pairing that you really can’t go wrong with. For spring, this is especially lovely because you can enjoy grey while not going overboard with the dreariness.

A post shared by Chloe Zhang (@chloezhaang) on

Chloe Zhang’s grey blazer is an ideal way to keep yourself warm, while not feeling like you’re still hanging out in the winter. Its light shade with the pinstripes helps her achieve this.

Amy Jackson always kills it in the neutrals department. We love the way that she is pairing different tones of grey and still keeping it fresh and spring-like.

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