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How to Pack for a Wedding Weekend

Wedding season has officially arrived and we could not be more elated. Our feeds are steadily filling up with flowy dresses, wispy wildflower bouquets, sharply dressed groomsmen, and newly discovered wedding locations. Scrolling through that joyful feed is enough to start daydreams about escaping to one of those fantasy locations yourself.

Honestly, there’s no better excuse for a weekend getaway than a romantic out of town summer wedding? You get to dress up, cut loose on the dance floor, see folks you haven’t seen in forever, sleep in a plush hotel bed, and sneak in some local sights before or after the big event. Chances are you have a wedding or two on your summer schedule, so why not let the nuptials of a close friend or beloved family member be the catalyst for a lovely weekend away from your day-to-day life? Whether The Big Day is happening close to home, out in the country, or in a land far, far away, consider it a getaway.

Packing an overnight bag is tricky at the most casual of times, but when your weekend revolves around a special (or formal) event, the stakes become significantly higher. Not only do you need to have your wedding outfit ready to go, but you also need to consider comfy travel style, a potential rehearsal dinner look, matching accessories, footwear options, maybe a swimsuit, and some brunch-appropriate attire. (We know it’s a lot, but we’re about to get to the helping-you-out part of this post.)

We’ve put together four essential tips to help you pack two or three days’ worth of your whole life in one tiny weekender bag:

  • Map out your schedule

For starters, write out a little schedule of the weekend’s individual events, from the car ride or flight, through the wedding-related events, and any downtime activities in-between. Knowing where you’re going and what you’re doing will help you plan outfits for each section of the weekend. And planning what to pack is half the battle!

  • Think capsule

Wherever possible, try to mix and match pieces from one outfit to the next, a bit like a mini-capsule wardrobe. Versatility is key here! A cute and comfortable jumpsuit can carry you from travel time to post-wedding brunch just by switching out your accessories. A neutral pair of flat sandals will not only come in handy when you’re taking in the sites, but you’ll be glad you brought them along once your feet need some relief from jamming out on the dance floor in heels for a few hours. Take a good look at each part of the weekend and decide where outfit crossovers might be an option.

  • Check the weather

Keep an eye on your weather app in the days before the wedding for updates on the local forecast. If skies are looking clear and temperatures are up, you might not need to pack extra layers like jackets or cardigans.

Pro tip: it’s never a bad call to sneak a rolled up pashmina into your bag to get you through an unexpected evening chill. Plus, you can use it as a cover-up by the pool the next day or as an airplane blanket on the flight home.

  • Choose fabrics strategically

You’re going to be packing a LOT of stuff into a small bag which may lead to some wrinkling. When choosing your clothes for the weekend, think of which fabrics are less prone to wrinkles, or which prints might camouflage any smushing that happens along the way. No matter what you’re bringing along, definitely unpack your bag and hang up all your clothes as soon as you get to your destination. For any garments that are more delicate or less travel-friendly, try to transport them on a hanger with a garment bag for safekeeping.

In case you haven’t quite decided what to wear for the main event, we’ve pulled together some gorgeous wedding guest style inspiration to get your imagination going.

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Of course, once you get back to reality after your fabulous weekend getaway, Parkers Custom Clothing Care will be on standby to take care of any stains from wine toasts, wedding cake mishaps, and happy mascara tears. Give us a shout and we’ll come and pick up your dress for dry cleaning at no extra charge.

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