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Summer Exercise Fashion & Care

Living in Ontario, we are all intimately acquainted with the fickle nature of our weather. Who hasn’t planned a spring picnic that got rained out, a camping trip that turned out much colder than expected, or an autumn city walk that became a snowy trek instead? We learn to roll with weather’s sucker punches and embrace any moment that is unexpectedly, wonderfully perfect.

And once that perfect moment hits, it’s the ideal opportunity to get out and get active! Late-summer weather opens up so many options, from city park hikes, to camping portages, to tee times on the golf course. We’ve rounded up some of our favourite summertime activities for you, complete with how-to-dress guides to avoid any discomfort or fashion faux-pas.


Here’s the thing about golf: it has a bit of a stuffy reputation and a some pretty rigid style regulations, but that really just means that you need to get a little creative!

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No tees for tee time

Golf clubs are pretty adamant that the appropriate attire for the game involves a collared shirt (or possibly a collared top for women), which generally translates into a polo shirt. Get creative with colours and patterns, if that’s your thing. Once the weather cools down, turtlenecks are usually acceptable, as are sweaters for layering.

Skip the jeans

Jeans are a no-no on the golf course – and honestly, jeans don’t really offer the kind of flexibility you need to master your swing. Stick with khakis or golf slacks, stay cool in tailored shorts that hit just above the knee, or women are welcome to wear golf skirts or skorts. Even conservative golf style has come a long way in the past 10-15 years, so skip the pleating and go with a more fitted pant. Don’t forget a belt to keep everything in place.

FYI, we know a thing or two about tailoring, so give us a shout if any of your golfing garments aren’t fitting quite right. We offer free pickup and drop-off and our experienced tailors will have you looking links-ready in no time.

Matching is key

Generally, golf style is kept quite muted and monochromatic, but there’s definitely room to experiment a bit. If you want to mix things up, try a pattern or bolder colour in your shirt, but keep your pants solid and in a well-matched colour. Consider matching (rather than contrasting) your belt and shoes to your pants or shirt to help tie everything together.

Hats and visors

Here’s another way to get playful! Hats and visors are essential for a clear view and some sun protection, but they’re also a welcome accessory to really finish off your golfing outfit the right way!


Hiking doesn’t have any particular style etiquette the way golfing does, but in the summer weather, it does require a bit of a different mindset than cooler weather hikes do. Once summer hits, you’re dealing with sun protection, heat protection, moisture control, and bug control, which makes a high-effort activity like hiking a little more challenging this time of year. Still, there’s lots you can do to get geared up properly.

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Stay dry

Strongly consider moisture wicking materials when you’re choosing your perfect hiking gear. Stay away from cotton, which just absorbs sweat and keeps it close to your skin, and look into synthetic (or wool in cooler weather) instead. The same goes for every piece of clothing, from your top to your socks!

Go short or light

There are two ways to go here: short or light. Short legs and short sleeves will help keep you cooler on hot-weather hikes, but longer, lightweight (UPF-rated) pieces will be a little more effective against sun exposure as well as a good protector against ticks and other critters.

Choose lighter colours

Steering clear of black, navy, and other dark colours will help keep you cooler when the sun hits hard. Lighter colours will also make sure you’re more visible as the evening sets in.

Finishing touches

Look for performance wear that includes pockets and loops to help you store energy snacks, water bottles, sunscreen, and bug spray within easy reach. Choose sturdy shoes or boots with a solid tread and the kind of structure that will protect your ankles on rough terrain. And don’t forget a hat – both because you’ll look great and to keep the sun off your face.


Tennis fashion rules weren’t exactly made to be broken, but there’s definitely some room for dress code bending!

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To tee or not to tee?

Research the venue you’re playing at to sort out which shirt to wear. Some places will be fine with t-shirts for men and fitted tops for women, but others could require a shirt with a collar, like a polo shirt. Consider moisture wicking here, because you’ll definitely be working up a sweat.

Shorts and skirts are where it’s at

While men used to play tennis in long dress pants and women in full skirts, the tennis world has definitely evolved towards performance wear and a much more sporty style. Tennis shorts (hitting just above the knee) are the way to go for the guys. For women, skirts and dresses are still the most popular silhouette, but fitted shorts, shorts, and even leggings have also wiggled their way onto the court.

When in doubt, wear white

If it works at Wimbledon, it will work for you. All-white outfits scream classic tennis and will guarantee you look the part, no matter where you’re playing.

Go bold, if you dare

Top tennis stars like Venus and Serena Williams, Maria Sharapova, and Rafael Nadal, have opened the door for tennis style experimentation. Whether it’s with bold prints, an unusual silhouette, or even a classic little black dress, don’t be afraid to express yourself on (and off) the court.

Know your audience

Depending on where you’re playing, you definitely want to check club dress code rules before showing up for a training session or tennis match. The rules differ from place to place and especially for shoes, there can be very strict guidelines in place.

No matter which way you choose to stay active this summer, Parkers is here to keep your specialized performance wear in optimal shape with specialized care. Plus, our experienced tailors will handle any of your tailoring needs to keep you looking sharp on the green, on the court, and on- or off-trail. Get in touch with our team at your closest Parkers location in the GTA to discuss details!

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