October 30, 2018 | Tips & Style

How to bring your wedding dress to your wedding

the back of a woman walking on the beach wearing a wedding dress and holding her shoes in her hand

When most people think of destination weddings, their minds automatically start to daydream about vows said at sunset on a white sand beach. That sounds really nice right now, doesn’t it? Yes, many destination weddings include the beach, but unless you’re literally getting married in the same city or town you live in, there’s probably some travel involved. This little bit of travel is often overlooked because a lot of the time, the wedding is held in the bride’s hometown, even if she doesn’t live there anymore, so it feels like you’re getting married close to home even if you need to take an airplane to get there.

Unfortunately, even destination weddings like this can have a few extra details to work out.

Our goal is to help you avoid this moment: you’re packing for your wedding, ticking items off of your packing list and feeling great about how organized you are until you see “wedding gown” and immediately think to yourself, “How am I going to pack a wedding dress without ruining it?!” You start to panic, imagining yourself at baggage claim, seeing a ripped piece of your dress poking out of an unclosed suitcase zipper.

Don’t worry. We wouldn’t let that happen to you.

If you’re currently planning a destination wedding, beach or otherwise, you’re already well aware that your to-do list is a little different than other brides and grooms. In our efforts to make your life easier, we’re going to add a super simple item to your list: a destination wedding kit.

What is a destination wedding kit?

A destination wedding kit is a nice, neat package with everything you need to safely transport your wedding dress to your wedding. It includes acid-free paper to wrap it in, a sturdy box for transport, and even a little stain removal stick for any day-of emergencies. The best part? The box fits in the overhead compartment of an airplane, so you don’t need to check your dress and take any chances. Don’t you feel better already?

Come on into any Parkers Clothing Care location and pick up a Destination Wedding Kit so that you can avoid the luggage claim nightmares we’ve just scared you with (sorry about that!). If you’d like, you can call us at 1-877-SINCE76 (746-2376) or visit our specialist at our 3125 Yonge Street location and learn how to prepare your gown for travel. While you’re at it, schedule for us to come and pick up your wedding gown for cleaning and preservation after the big day. Time is of the essence with wedding gown cleaning in order to get out any stains, especially invisible ones that will brown over time. Also, congratulations!

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