January 2, 2019 | News & Updates

Post-Holidays, an Actual Silent Night

The hustle and bustle of the holidays are something we look forward to all year long. When it’s over, you would think that we’d be sad, but the truth is that the peace and quiet that follows a wonderfully busy holiday season is a welcome change. Our party dresses and suits go back into our closets, our guest pillows get packed away, and all of the pets that live in our homes breathe a collective sigh of relief.

2019 is here and this year, our resolution is to start the season off peacefully. Delegate more, stress less, and bring the sense of calm we long for into this fresh year.

One of the ways that we do this is by starting the year with a clean, fresh home. Cleaning doesn’t sound very peaceful or relaxing to you? Yeah, we agree. Thankfully, we are happy to help with your January chores so that you can spend more time diving into that novel you got in your stocking and less time folding fitted sheets. It’s okay. We know that you hate folding fitted sheets.

Some people write themselves long lists of New Year’s resolutions, so we’ve prepared a little list for you. We promise that this list won’t hurt a bit and will leave you feeling ready to tackle the year.

5 Items You Should Clean After the Holidays

Pillows – If you’ve had guests at your house for the holidays, once they leave is the perfect time to clean all of your pillows. You probably won’t be having any company for a little while, so now’s the perfect time to have them picked up and returned to you smelling like a dream.

Throw blankets – Lots of indoor holiday movie watching usually results in hot cocoa and cookie stained throw blankets. Have these items cleaned and see your stress level start to lower. If you’re like us and have special holiday throws, make sure you have them cleaned before you pack them away.

Rugs – Holiday parties bring with them stained rugs. It’s just a fact. Schedule for your friendly neighbourhood dry cleaner to come to your house and pick up your rugs for cleaning (or an in-home cleaning) so that the remnants of that over-enthusiastic red wine toast can disappear.

Sheets – Yes, sheets are often fine to wash in your home washing machine (check care tags, of course), but if you’re already sending stuff to the cleaners, you might as well add all of your sheets and save yourself the time and energy. Don’t forget about that novel we mentioned!

Upholstery – Unless your family is magically clean, your couches probably saw a few spills over the holidays. Now that the mess makers are well on their way, your home can get back to its usual tidy state. Schedule for an in-home cleaning and watch as professionals remove any holiday stains that didn’t stay in 2018.

See? That was the most painless to-do list ever! As always, pick up and delivery comes at no extra charge with Parkers, so you can be free to schedule your cleanings and finally pull out that novel.

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