June 17, 2019 | News & Updates

Inspired by: Sunsets

Vows at sunset. It certainly sounds perfect, doesn’t it? The couples in this blog post probably were thinking the same thing and they managed to pull it off in epic ways, so if you’ve now added this ridiculously romantic moment to your bucket list, we fully support that. Sunsets have been synonymous with romance since the dawn of time (okay, we don’t necessarily know that, but you get the idea). We don’t know whether it’s the fleeting nature of the sunset, the colours of the sky, or the anticipation of evening, but it’s hard to feel anything but love when staring at those pink and orange hues over head.

Of course, you can always make sure you get a photo with your spouse at sunset, but you can also centre your entire day around the mood of sunset. Starting with stationery, bring some soft oranges, yellows, and pinks into your invites so that your guests are transported to the most romantic time of day as soon as they open the envelope. Table settings and flowers are also natural places to bring these dreamy colours into your wedding day, but really, the sky’s the limit (we couldn’t resist).

Now, for some inspiration (as if sunsets alone aren’t inspiring enough):

If you’re new to this blog, you should know that weddings are a bit of a specialty of ours. We are dry cleaners in Toronto who are also wedding gown cleaning and preservation experts. If you’d like to learn more about how we take care of our brides, check out our wedding gown cleaning section.

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