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Parker’s Dry Cleaners Featured in The Toronto Star

Some people have been visiting the dry cleaners since they were kids with Mom and Dad. Others only begin using dry cleaners after they start their working lives.  But, at some point, we all wonder why some cleaners charge so little and other cleaners charge more.

And that’s where a recent article in the Toronto Star, “Getting taken to the (dry) cleaners”, begins. Even if you’re a regular dry cleaning customer, you’ve probably never had a better explanation of why you need to spend a bit extra at some cleaners and how other cleaners can get away with low-cost pricing.

here's what makes a top tier dry cleaner

Fortunately for dry cleaning customers across the country, the industry is well served by the Canadian Fabricare Association (CFA), which works to maintain the highest standards of management, ethical conduct, top quality training, and proper operating procedures throughout the industry.

In the Star article, CFA’s Executive Director, Sidney Chelsky, tells us that the cost of dry cleaning can hinge on a number of factors, including:

  • The size of the operation
  • How clothing items are inspected and identified
  • Staff knowledge, education, and experience
  • The care and attention each garment receives
  • Whether or not items are properly separated
  • The length of the cleaning cycle 
  • The quality and method of ironing, pressing, bagging and packaging
  • How well equipment is maintained and environmental standards are met

“It’s up to the consumer to decide how much she or he is willing to pay,” advises Chelsky.

Parker’s Dry Cleaners Are the Perfect Example!

Everyone here at Parker’s Dry Cleaners is very proud that our company and the work we do is recognized in the article as an example of what a top-quality dry cleaner should be.

On a tour of our Yonge & Lawrence processing center, our President, Gary Fine and his daughter Alana, who handles our customer service, help readers to understand what we do, why we do it and how it makes a difference for our customers. Among other “insider” information, Gary and Alana make the following points.

  • Due to the attention it receives, it takes twice as long to dry clean a shirt as it does to use a washing machine. Home washing machines can be rough on your clothes.
  • Dry cleaning is really an investment in your clothing to make it last longer and look better
  • A top quality dry cleaner will offer value-added services, including free pick-up and delivery
  • Regular dry cleaning is the best way to prevent permanent staining from things like perspiration and soiling, in everything from dress shirts to tablecloths and napkins
  • Household spot removers can damage clothing fabrics
  • Parker’s is a pioneer in green cleaning 
    • We have the only Solvair machine in Canada
    • It uses biodegradable cleaning liquid, recycled carbon dioxide, and no heat
    • We use biodegradable plastics, recycled hangers and reusable garment bags

For anyone who still can’t choose between dry cleaners, Alana advises to let the garment be the judge. “It won’t come back feeling like it’s been beaten up.”

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