May 5, 2022 | dry cleaning

Wedding Dress Preservation Vs. Wedding Dress Cleaning

Even if you haven’t considered it, wedding dress preservation and cleaning is more important now than ever. Why? Think about what you have gone through in the past couple of years in planning your wedding. If you are getting married this summer, there’s every possibility that you had to cancel wedding plans at least once due to lockdowns, travel restrictions and more.

Even if you managed to get married recently, chances are it wasn’t how you had always hoped it would be. You might even be planning a reception now, long after you got married, to finally celebrate your nuptials with all your family and friends.

Why does that make wedding dress preservation and cleaning more important than ever? After everything you’ve been through, you want to preserve one of the most beautiful and important symbols of your union and the incredible effort you put into making it happen.

The Difference Between Wedding Dress Preservation & Wedding Dress Cleaning

Knowing the difference between preservation and cleaning is particularly crucial considering the added importance of maintaining your dress.

Cleaning Your Wedding Dress

While cleaning your dress will remove any stains and marks it suffered while you celebrated, it won’t necessarily preserve it. In other words, even if you cleaned your dress spotlessly, it may still yellow over time. It could also wrinkle and deform, and, perhaps worst of all, it could deteriorate much sooner.

Preserving Your Wedding Dress

Professional wedding dress preservation services, like those offered at Parkers, are the best way to honour the beauty and significance of your wedding dress.

The most important part of wedding dress preservation is the team that does it. Parker’s trained and qualified wedding dress specialists know everything about professionally cleaning your dress. This includes the best way to preserve delicate fabrics in the cleaning process, and how to maintain needlework, lace and beading.

But proper preservation doesn’t stop there. Following the cleaning process, we prepare your dress using acid-free body forms to maintain its shape. We then wrap it in protective acid-free tissue paper before carefully packing in an acid-free preservation box.

To give your dress even more protection, it is then placed in your personal Wedding Chest. The chest is resealable so you can open it anytime you want to relive your special moment and all that it means.

Finally, we even include a pair of white cotton gloves in your Wedding Chest. The gloves let you handle the dress without fear of getting it dirty.

If you would like to give your wedding dress the ‘white-glove’ treatment, and preserve it in the best way possible, Contact Us here at Parkers. We even offer free pick-up and delivery.

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