• Is Parkers Cleaners running any special environment friendly promotions?

    Parkers Cleaners is proud to announce that we have just replaced our folded shirt bags, with fabric reusable bags. When a customer brings in folded shirts for the 1st time, they will have their hand finished folded shirts returned in a reusable cloth bag. Customers are asked to use this bag when they bring in their dirty shirts. The bag will be washed on each visit and returned with your clean shirts placed inside. (Look for our reusable garment bags in the near future).

  • Can I return the clear plastic bags and hangers that come with my cleaned garments?

    Absolutely! At Parkers Custom Clothing Care we are committed to playing our part in protecting the environment; that is why we are happy to recycle the hangers and plastic that we supply with your dry cleaning orders. All of our stores are equipped with specialized recycling bins for both the clear plastic bags and the hangers.

  • What is Wet Cleaning?

    Wet Cleaning is an environmentally friendly and safe dry cleaning process that uses water and non-toxic bio-degradable detergents to clean sensitive fabrics. Wet Cleaning is gentler than hand washing. Your garments will be soft to the touch, kind to sensitive skin. The process is safe for your clothing and gentle to the environment.

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