Green Cleaning Options

Wet cleaning is an environmentally friendly and safe process using water and non-toxic bio-degradable detergents. Wet Cleaning in our modern washers using special programs, is gentler than hand washing or home washing. The drying process, using special moisture sensitive dryers, ensures your garments will be soft to the touch and kind to sensitive skin. Pressing is done on special equipment, ensuring your clothes retain their original shape.

Intense® — A New Solution for Dry Cleaning We have recently invested in new equipment that utilizes the latest in cleaning technology. Intense®, developed in Europe by Seitz, a world leader in textile care products, will allow us to safely care for all types of garments, regardless of the materials used in their construction. Garments, after being cleaned with Intense, are odourless and stain-free. Natural fabrics remain soft to touch, whites remain brilliant and colours won't fade.

Since Intense® is a gentle cleaning process, the integrity of your garment is intact. Size and shape are the same as the day you bought it. This same gentle cleaning process allows us to take care of the various trims and accessories that adorn many of today's fashions.

Intense is an environmentally compatible solution containing no carcinogenic substances and is not considered a hazardous product.

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Green Cleaning Options

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