Canada Goose Jackets

Canadian winters typically don't do us or our outerwear any kindness. The stuff that protects us from the harsh elements deserve care and treatment every season—especially your Canada Goose, Montcler and and other down jackets. We have a non-toxic process that keeps the jacket looking like new and it's technical properties of water resistance, working like new. Canada Goose warranty is voided if it is machine washed, so for something that can last at least a decade, trust us with your high performance outerwear.

14 - 113*

  • Canada Goose Coat, Bomber w Fur - $71.45
  • Canada Goose Coat, 3/4 Length w Fur - $83.50
  • Canada Goose Coat, Removable Hood - $14.20
  • Jacket Down/No Fur - $94.35
  • Jacket Down/with Fur - $104.75
  • 3/4 Length with Down - $98.35
  • 3/4 Length with Fur - $108.75
  • 3/4 Length No Hood - $73.10
  • 3/4 Length with Down with Fur - $112.75
  • Coat Full Length Down - $102.35
  • Coat Full Length Down with Fur - $112.80

* Prices shown are estimates only, do not include HST, and are subject to change at any time. For accurate pricing information, items will have to be examined in person at one of our locations.

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