March 28, 2011 | Promotions & Coupons

We can only deliver your cleaning, if we picked it up.

At the beginning of the week Joseph signed up for our free pickup and delivery service. We made arrangements for his welcome package and laundry bags to be delivered on Tuesday when our driver came by to pickup his dry cleaning.

Saturday morning, I get a phone call from Joseph inquiring as to why his dry cleaning had not been delivered?

When I called our driver to find out what had happened, he advised that he did not pickup any laundry. Joseph’s wife advised my driver that “they would call when a pickup was required”.

I called Joseph back to advise what my driver had informed me and asked him to please “check with his wife”.

Joseph checked with his wife and then called me back. There was a miscommunication between the two of them so no clothes were given to the driver and hence there was nothing to return.

This didn’t solve the problem though; Joseph now has no clean shirts for work.

In order to accommodate Joseph, we arranged for his dry cleaning to be picked up on Monday morning and returned Tuesday evening.

Wednesday morning I emailed Joseph to ensure his cleaning was returned and that he was pleased with the cleaning and pressing.

His response – “Received.  Everything looks great!”

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