Wash ‘n’ Fold

Why use our wash ‘n’ fold service? To lighten your load! We guarantee your clothing will be washed in the right machines, with safe, environmentally-friendly soaps, and carefully handled the entire time.

Show Your Clothing Some Love Today!

Our wash ‘n’ fold service keeps your clothes looking great and lasting longer.


When was the last time your clothing was professionally cleaned?

You’ll look sharp, your clothes will look like new, and we do all the work for you! From big to small clothing items, our wash ‘n’ fold service ensures that your clothing is properly cared for. Start showing your clothing love and treat your garments to wash ‘n’ fold!

What Makes Wash ‘n’ Fold So Good for Your Clothing?

We give it the best cleaning treatment possible. 

Quality Equipment

Our machines are designed to be extra gentle with your clothing. There will be less spinning and more space in the machine so your clothes are properly washed.

Gentle Soap & Chemicals

Using gentle, environmentally-friendly soaps & chemicals allows your clothes to keep their shape and smell fresh.

Tissue Paper

It’s more than just folding your clothes. We separate each item with tissue paper to prevent creases and keep your clothing in perfect shape.

Reusable Bag

You get a breathable, reusable bag to safely transport your clothing from your home to your nearest Parker’s Dry Cleaners.


Saves you time

Whether you are busy at work or or just don’t like doing the laundry, our wash ‘n’ fold service saves you time. Simply drop off your dirty clothing, or choose Parkers free pickup and delivery service. That’s it. Your clothes are treated to the ultimate cleaning process — and you don’t have to do the laundry!

Everything is washed separately

To keep your items as clean and cared for as possible, your garments are washed entirely on their own, not comingled with others. And that means there’s less chance of them being lost or misplaced.


"Just a quick note to thank you for the amazing in-home alterations over the past few months. My Chanel dress looks brand new! Please thank your seamstress Fernanda for her perfect workmanship!! You're the best!"
- CB

Wash ‘n’ Fold. Ready the Same Day!

Whether you want the wash ‘n’ fold treatment for all your laundry or just a few items, it’s ready for you within hours. Our equipment, cleaning solutions and detailed processes ensure every garment is washed and handled with the utmost care to maintain their condition and help them last longer. And our staff are always extra careful with delicate or specialized garments that need more attention.

So what are you waiting for?!

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