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Cleaner Premium Services

Elevate Your Wardrobe with Parkers' Luxury Cleaner Premium Service

Exceptional Cleaning Care for Your Finest Suits, Shirts, and Pants

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Why Choose Parkers' Luxury Cleaner Premium Services?

Immaculate Attention to Detail

Our expert team ensures that every intricate detail, from delicate sequins to ornate buttons, is carefully handled and cleaned to maintain the optimal condition of your designer garments.

Specialized Fabric Expertise

With extensive knowledge of various fabrics, our specialists know the precise cleaning techniques and products to use, whether it’s silk, cashmere, or fine wool, to ensure your luxury items receive the utmost care.

Revitalize and Renew

Experience the transformation of your designer suits, shirts, or pants as our professional cleaning process rejuvenates their appearance, leaving them refreshed, repaired, and ready to make a statement.

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"My family has used them for years. Never had a problem. Service is fast, friendly, and reliable."


"My favourite place to take my clothes. The service is so personal and friendly and my clothes are always back in great shape and on time. Highly recommended."


"I had an 'impossible' request to have my daughter's jacket fixed before we went on a ski trip. Your staff got the jacket at 5 p.m. one day and had it fixed and returned to me the next day. Great Job!”


“Great service, great results, and no problems at all – I'll definitely use your free pickup and delivery service again!”

Tom H.

Skip The Hassle

Of Dropping Off and Picking Up Your Clothes