July 12, 2011 | Tips & Style

Could I use my fingers and measure?

Mr. Alexander is one of our pickup and delivery customers. He is an older gentleman who relies on our delivery services because he cannot get around easily.

For his upcoming 90th birthday, his children are sending Mr. Alexander on a cruise.

Mr. Alexander’s daughter went out and purchased a new 3 piece tuxedo suit for her father to take on his trip.

When I went to Mr. Alexander’s the other day to pickup his shirts for cleaning and folding in preparation for his trip, he asked if Parkers could take in his vest, as it was far too big.

Mr. Alexander had no idea how much needed to be taken and asked if I would pin his vest for him.  I did not have any pins with me, and asked Mr. Alexander if he had a different vest that we could borrow to take the necessary measurements from?

He did not, and asked if I could use my fingers to judge? This was a first for me.

As he was leaving in a few days, I agreed but advised that I could not ensure the measurements would be exact.  Fortunately, when the vest was returned, the measurements were perfect.

Did you know Parkers Cleaners offers on site tailoring at 3 locations?

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