November 2, 2011 | Tips & Style

The leather smells bad

Stephen called on Parkers the other day hoping that we could do something with his daughter’s newly purchased leather jacket.

His daughter was on vacation, when she purchased a leather jacket from a street merchant. While in the market Steven’s daughter never noticed the smell.

She had returned home for two days and even though the leather jacket was in the garage the horrid smell would not go away.

The leather jacket smelled really fishy, and Stephen wondered if we knew why and how to get rid of the odour.

Our suede and leather specialists explained that the fishy smell was embedded into the leather and that there is not much that we could do as it was in the skin. We were happy to try and treat the jacket but most likely the smell would not be removed.

Why did the jacket smell so fishy?

Leather after it has been removed from the hide, needs to be cleaned and tanned. There are different tanning methods used, including fish oils, urine, cedar oil or tannin and sometimes the smell lingers on the skins.

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