October 5, 2012 | Tips & Style

Fall 2012 Cool Off! Trend vs. Trend

In the wedding world, cooler weather only means cooler bridal fashion! But a bride can’t have it all – picking and choosing is key, so we’re here to help you decide.  To showcase our favourite opposing wedding trends we’ve put together a couple head-to-head match-ups.  Let us know which styles you like the best!

Long Sleeves & Lace vs. Art Deco Design

Long Sleeves & Lace

Art Deco Design

Long Sleeves & Lace Win
if you’re planning a traditional ceremony, or prefer a more modest gown.

Art Deco Design Wins if you are a fashion-forward bride having an unconventional wedding.

Tiered Dresses vs. Peplum Skirts

Tiered DressPeplum Skirt

Tiered Dresses Win if you want your dress to be as deliciously extravagant as your cake.

Peplum Skirts Win if you want to make a statement and flatter your waistline.

Off-White Bridesmaid Dresses vs. Two-Toned Bridesmaid Dresses

Off-White Bridesmaid Dresses Two-Toned Bridesmaid Dress

Off White Bridesmaid Dresses Win if you’re going for unconventional elegance and you don’t mind matching your bridesmaids.

Two-Toned Bridesmaid Dresses Win if you’re going for casual chic and want accents of colour.

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