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Top 10 Scariest Halloween Stains

Parents prepping for Halloween have a lot to consider: what costume will your kid wear? What neighbourhoods should you hit? Will you stay home to hand out candy? Will you finally splurge on full-size candy bars to avoid getting egged by angry teens?

That’s a lot to think about!

And of course, there are those dreaded Halloween stains. A spot of makeup here, a smudge of chocolate there, stains are an unavoidable result of spooky Halloween celebrations. Or are they?

To celebrate Halloween and Parkers’ commitment to keeping your Halloween clean, we want you to tell us your best #scarylaundry stories by tweeting @ParkersCleaners between Friday, October 19th – Wednesday, October 31st!


To get you started, Parkers presents:

The Top 10 Scariest Halloween Stains

1. Chocolate – This common stain culprit can and will make its way onto your child’s hands, face, and any square inch of exposed fabric.

2. Caramel – Caramel is the sneakiest of the stain offenders, lurking in the gooey middles and shiny coatings of popular candy bars and candy apples.

3. Wine– Parents miss out on the “treat” when they take their kids door to door. So, at the end of the night when they too have turned into zombies, they pop open a bottle of wine or beer and accidentally turn their shirts into what looks like a gruesome crime scene.

4. Fake blood – Of course, some people want to look like a scene from CSI. But being dead can really kill your night if you’re constantly worried about getting corn syrup and food colouring on everything you touch.

5. Jolly Ranchers/Hard Candies – Trying to scrape off the colourful hard candy remnants will sour your night.

6. Make up – If you plan on applying powders, creams, or liners for zombification purposes, expect people to avoid you like the plague. And unless you want ghastly collars or sleeves on November 1st, forget about holding your little goblins when they get tired.

7. Dirt – Kids want to wear their costumes everywhere. And if your child’s school has a daytime Halloween parade, you’d better believe that your little one’s going to be in character the whole time, rolling around on the ground because that’s apparently what Batman would do.

8. Hairspray or dye – Not everyone is dedicated enough to go permanently brunette for their Elvira costume. Most Halloween revelers need a little spray on colour or at least some hold, which is where spray dyes and hairsprays come in. These sticky stains in a can are the scariest to remove!

9. Pumpkin mush – With sharp knives and complex designs, pumpkin carving requires adult supervision. Even the best supervisor, however, can’t prevent a spontaneous pumpkin guts fight.


10. The Mystery Stain – Many campfire tales have been told of the unknown stain that kept its hold.  OoooooOooOoOOoooo! We promise that once you come to Parkers, you’ll never be spooked by Halloween stains again.

Got a terrifying stain story of your own? Do tell! Tweet @ParkersCleaners from October 19th – 29th with the hashtag #scarylaundry.

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