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We dry clean while you sunbathe

Honeymoon Island

You’ve been planning for months, confirming menus, attending dress fittings, tying ribbons on favours, and now, the day is here. You’re getting married!

You enjoy a beautiful celebration and are whisked away on your honeymoon, a time to rest and forget about those late nights you spent arranging the seating plan and stressing about your aunts who just can’t seem to get along.

But what did you do with your wedding dress and your groom’s suit? Are they hanging in a closet at home, waiting for you to return from your vacation and deal with them?


Time isn’t on your side

Cutting the cake and feeding your spouse sounds like a great idea until you drop a piece on your dress and completely forget that you did. The sugar sets in the fabric and only reappears later, often turning into a brown stain with time.

The longer you leave a dress or suit to be cleaned, the more damage that can be done. It’s always best to get your wedding dress cleaned and preserved as soon as possible to avoid any lingering stains.

Don’t panic. We don’t expect you to think about getting your wedding dress dry cleaned as soon as you say, “I do.”


Prearrange for dress cleaning and preservation

At Parkers, we specialize in custom clothing care and are well known for our wedding dress preservation services. Our brides and grooms prearrange for us to come and pickup their wedding outfits, clean them with special processes designed for delicate garments, and return them looking like new.

We use custom wedding gown boxes, tissue, and forms that are all free from acid when we preserve wedding gowns. Unlike many gown preservation boxes, ours are re-sealable, allowing you to use the cotton gloves we provide to look at your dress and reminisce about your wedding day anytime you like.

We are also proud members of the Association of Wedding Gown Specialists.


Free Valet Service

The best part about prearranging for us to dry-clean your gown or suit is that pickups and drop offs are totally free! All you need to do is sign up for our valet service and schedule the pickup.

So, enjoy the honeymoon and all the sun tanning that comes with it – we’ll make sure that your wedding gown and your groom’s outfit are clean and waiting for you when you return.


Photo source: Alfredi

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